What's just happened to Simba and Bambi is seriously disturbing.



It’s not a new message – but it’s a fresh and disturbing way to say it.

Skinning animals so you can drape yourself in their beautiful fur is not okay.

That’s the point that artist Saint Hoax is trying to get across with his recent artistic campaign against fur in fashion. And he’s making his point one cute and cuddly Disney animal at a time.

The Middle Eastern artist has created a visual series to highlight what happens to animals when their fur is used to create the latest trends. The series, titled Furry Tale Gone Bad features a collection of characters from our favourite Disney movies – looking very distressed, dishevelled and skinned bare.

The pictures convey a confronting message about the atrocities involved with skinning our furry friends. We warn you; these beloved Disney characters looking torn and bloody may be distressing.

Image from @Sainthoax

The campaign states a clear message: “Animals are beaten, electrocuted or even skinned alive for their fur. Boycott fur.”

Take a closer look at the series and get on board the boycott.




The creator of the series hopes that by spreading these images he’ll make people think about what they’re really buying when they put on that fur coat. He hopes to stop the demand for clothing that requires an imminent death to animals.

And someone needs to show this series to  Kim Kardashian‘s daughter North. Yesterday, her proud mum posted this pic.

Sorry, North, you’re gorgeous. But when you’re in that coat, Simba is much, much cuter.

What do you think of the fashion industry’s treatment of animals? Would you wear fur to be trendy?