Got winter skin troubles? Here's the beauty ingredients that play nicely when paired.

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Winter has well and truly arrived in Australia.   

I always find it so exciting to get out my most fashionable winter coat and find a cute, local cocktail bar with an open fire to escape the frosty temperatures outside.

Along with the cooler temperatures, drizzly days and my heavier reliance on heaters, winter brings its own challenges for the skin. 

The combination of lower humidity (especially indoors from cranking the heaters) and braving the cold and wind can really leave our skin feeling dull, dehydrated and generally unhappy.

Thankfully there's things we can do about them, starting with the ingredients we're putting on our face for hydration, relief and protection. I've put together some ingredient pairings that will really help alleviate these winter skin concerns, so you don't have to. 

If you're a Youbie like me, you may already be familiar with how certain ingredients can help target specific skin concerns. But using specific ingredients together can supercharge their effectiveness to help your skin feel its best.

And honey, we want this all year 'round. 

BOOST LAB read our minds here, and have created a line of supercharged serums (without the supercharged price) that are hyper-targeted to individual skin concerns we can face during winter and beyond: dullness, dryness, dark circles, blemishes, uneven tone, lines... all of the things basically.

BOOST LAB are harnessing the latest in skin technology by using gold standard, effective ingredients, so that you have the confidence to take on any challenges without having to worry about your skin. 


So, I bet you’re now wondering what some of my favourite ingredient pairings are? 

Hyaluronic acid + D-Panthenol

First up we have everybody’s favourite guest to invite to the skin party: hyaluronic acid. We all know it's excellent at hydrating skin and plumping out fine lines as it holds 1000 times its own weight in water. 

It pairs beautifully with D-Panthenol, which is Vitamin B5 which helps to strengthen your moisture barrier and improve the symptoms of any sensitivities that your skin is going through. 

Find this star combo in the BOOST LAB 2D-Hyaluronic Hydro Boost Serum

This serum is the ultimate fix to winter dehydration, especially as it helps to fix any barrier issues. By reinforcing the skin’s barrier, you’re guaranteed long-lasting moisturisation and a rescue from dry, dull, and irritated seasonal skin (particularly if you're wearing masks too). Genius.

Image: Supplied.


Lactic Acid + Manuka Honey

This pairing works its magic during the cooler months too, and heroes another fan favourite ingredient: Lactic Acid.

Youbies would know, Lactic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid which helps to loosen the bonds between dead skin cells helping to remove them. 

This leaves your skin smooth, glowing and flake-free. But, when Lactic Acid is paired with Manuka Honey, this is when I've found it really shines. 

Manuka Honey is not only an amazing anti-inflammatory, so it ensures there’s no irritation from the Lactic Acid, but it also works excellently to draw moisture into the skin. 

This combo is perfect for eliminating any flakiness we can find builds up over the colder season while simultaneously soothing and hydrating our skin. Yes please, every day of the week.

This duo is found in BOOST LAB’s AHA Glow Resurfacing Serums


Also, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) do slightly increase our skin’s sensitivity to UV, but in the winter season, we're generally seeing less of the sun, so a great time to add AHAs to your regime.

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Retinol + Bisabolol

My third and final favourite ingredient pairing is for those of us who want to fight the signs of ageing (fine lines, sagging, dark spots) in a way that won’t cause excess irritation. 

We're starting with a beauty lovers' old friend – retinol. This wonder ingredient is a Vitamin A and helps to reduce signs of sun damage and ageing. 

But, as you also might know, retinol can sometimes be a little irritating to some skin types, and this is where the BOOST LAB team were genius in their ingredient pairing. 

They teamed up such a powerhouse with a lesser-known ingredient, Bisabolol. It's the active component in chamomile, and truly the reason it’s so soothing and calming. 

This combination is in the BOOST LAB Retinol Night Renewal Serum and allows you to treat your skin each PM routine with the ultimate gold standard ingredient without worrying if you’ll peel and flake like a croissant or turn red as a tomato. 

I'm skincare obsessed, and assure you that all of these ingredients work excellently by themselves. But their benefits are amplified and work beautifully when they’re boosted by their perfect pairing. 

BOOST LAB really does give each individual skin type top quality, high potency ingredients and formulation. 


Image: Supplied.

All of their serums individually are $29.95, so you can use super-targeted serums to achieve the results that you want without breaking the budget. 

BOOST LAB really believes that your life is your own laboratory, where you have the ability to do what you want, and test your own limits big or small.


So there we have it, a breakdown of ingredients that work super well together because each of these pairings BOOST each other to give you the best results possible. 

What ingredient pairings do you find boost your skin during winter?

Find the BOOST LAB collection of supercharged serums here. All cruelty free, highly potent and harnessing the latest in skin technology.

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