What the hell is a bootie mask? And are they worth trying?

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In case you missed it, masks are the latest beauty obsession, and the newest target is your feet. That’s right, your tootsies can be the recipients of all the moisturising, cleansing and refreshing goodness that a mask has to offer.

I have a confession. When the Skin Republic Foot Active Mask ($7.99, Chemist Warehouse and My Chemist) arrived at The Glow’s beauty desk, I scoffed.

“Has the world gone mad?” I said to my lipsticks and nail polishes (I treat them like my friends). “We now need masks for our feet?”

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But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Our feet are hard-working extremities, which carry us from place to place. When I used to work in retail and teaching, I’d go home every day with aching feet. The Foot Active Mask is intended to fix all of that, with 22 plant extracts to “revive and refresh tired, active feet”.

I was hoping that the foot mask would work some magic: I wanted my feet to be total babes. In reality, they look like shriveled tree roots, all gnarled and dry. I’m actually a bit self-conscious about them.

Carla’s feet: Before.

Carla's feet before using the Foot Active Mask. You know I like and trust you if I'm showing you my scary feet. (Source: Supplied.)

My feet were in dire need of moisturisation. They actually felt dry and sad, like a lonely person at a bar on a Friday night.

The skin was so dry that my skin looked grey. I took a photo of my ultra-cracked heels but it was too horrific to share. Just know that my heels are worse than this…

Carla's cracked heels or cracked desert sand? it's hard to tell. (Source: iStock.)

I'm actually pretty self-conscious about my feet, so now you know how much I love you because I've shard a photo of them. Eek!

The mask.

A bootie from the Foot Active Mask packet. (Source: Supplied.)

The Foot Active Mask is contained in two plastic “booties” with a lining that resembles a dryer sheet, or a very thin tissue. The mask ingredients were inside the booties, which means you won’t get sticky mess everywhere.

Put it on your feet, not in your mouth, dummy. (Source: Supplied.)

As soon as I opened the Foot Active Mask packet, a delicious peppermint scent wafted out. I kind of wanted to lick the insides of the booties, but I already had a peanut butter and honey sandwich, so I was already good for snacks.

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The process.

Wearing the Foot Active Mask booties and stylin'. (Source: Supplied.)

I put a foot into one of the booties, and kind of screamed because the mask goop was really cold and squishy. It was an odd sensation. The menthol and peppermint ingredients contributed further to this chilly feeling. Winter was coming…at my feet.

Once both booties were on, I pressed them with my fingers to get as much of the mask goo onto my toots as possible. Then, I left the booties on for 20 minutes as I watched Orange is the New Black.

Letting the mask goodness soak in while watching Orange is the New Black. (Source: Supplied.)

The cold, tingly feeling continued and intensified. I think this would be a very pleasant feeling after a day on my feet in summer, but it was winter and I’d been sitting on my bum all day like a sexy blob. Brrrrr!

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Carla’s feet: After.

Happy feet! Carla's tootsies after using the Foot Active Mask. (Source: Supplied.)

When I took the booties off, my feet were covered in a clear goo, just like Neo emerging from that pod in The Matrix.

Neo emerges from the pod, covered in slime, in The Matrix. Just like my feet being de-masked!

The instructions told me not to rinse my feet, so I wiped them with a towel instead.

I touched my feet, and found that the skin was bouncy and moist. They were back to their normal, caramel milkshake colour, and no longer grey. All of the dry, wrinkly and scaly yuckiness had disappeared from my feet, and instead, the skin was plump, and my feet looked and felt refreshed.

I never thought I’d say this, but my feet looked younger. I’m heading towards my mid-30s, so any hint of youthfulness is a winner for me.

The peppermint scent lingered for several hours afterwards, as did the cooling effect. As I got into bed, my feet still felt icy cold, even under their socks. (Post continues after gallery.)

 Should you try it?

If your feet are dry, haggard, tired and stinky, a foot mask is a great way to go, especially as we get ready to bare more in summery sandals and strappy heels. Even if your feet are perfect (which means I hate you), the foot mask will still deliver a refreshing scent and sensation.

The Foot Active Mask is really conveniently packaged and easy to use, which I love, because I’m lazy and I hate messy beauty treatments.

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The best thing about masks is always the time that you’re forced to spend relaxing and doing nothing, and this mask was no different. Just make sure you’re armed with some Minties, because eating beauty products isn’t chic. That’s what my lipsticks told me, anyway.

Would you use a foot mask? Do you have a favourite mask (face or otherwise) to recommend?