Six skin myths that everyone believes. (But really shouldn't).

skin care myths
You need to experiment with you beauty regime.

We can all get stuck in a skincare rut, where we rely on the same old beliefs about skin and the same old products without really trying to discover what actually works.

I’ve been using the same moisturiser for years without much thought. I’m experimental when it comes to cosmetics but not when it comes to skincare products.

It was just recently that I discovered Dr. LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream and decided to give it a go. I’ve always thought of Dr. LeWinn’s as an anti-ageing range for older women and figured I’d use it much later in life. But what I forgot is that I need to prevent ageing as much as I need to minimise the signs of ageing.

So I put it on after using my usual cleanser and my skin just drank it all in. It’s so light and absorbed so quickly. My skin obviously needed something more effective and this really hit the mark.


I’m so glad I discovered this product. It’s worth trying out something new to see what works for you. Instead of relying on the same old products and the same old skincare beliefs, find out the truth and find out what your skin really needs.

Here are six skin care myths I have managed to debunk, with brilliant results. Most of you will have heard of these and you may still believe them to be true. Well, I’ve checked with the experts and not only have I found out which ones aren’t true, I’ve found out why.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is an advertorial for Dr LeWinn’s. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in her own words.

skin care myths
Scrubbing your face will remove acne.

1. Scrubbing your face will remove acne.

Acne is genetic and hormonal and there’s not much you can do about break-outs when they happen. You can minimise them and manage them, but if your skin tends to come up with blemishes, it’s going to come up with blemishes, no matter what you eat or how much water you drink.

As you move further away from your teenage years your acne will naturally reduce but if you find yourself still dealing with the odd breakout, you don’t have to start scrubbing it with harsh cleansers or throwing all the chocolate in the bin. Just let it run its course, try not to touch it too much and continue to hydrate your skin.

2. The more products I use, the better my skin will look.

A classic mistake many people make is to panic over acne, discolouration, scarring and wrinkles and start slathering multiple products all over their skin. This can make many skin conditions worse and cause all sorts of breakouts and damage.

When it comes to dealing with your skin’s latest issue, slow down, think about which steps are the best to take, which changes are the most effective, and tread slowly. Sometimes your skin just needs time to heal itself.


3. Sleeping on your back will prevent wrinkles.

If only this were true. Sleeping on your back will not prevent wrinkles, so roll onto your side or front, snuggle up and relax. Like acne, wrinkles are largely genetic and can be minimised and managed but not prevented. So you don’t have to sleep in an uncomfortable position any more. Hooray.

Ageing starts in our twenties, so just relax, smile and use a good hydrating cream. And remember, nothing makes your skin look better than a huge smile and lots of laughter.  I know that sounds corny but the older I get, the more I realise this is the absolute truth.

4. Drinking more water will improve my skin.

Drinking water is good for your overall health and can have a small affect on your skin for the better, but using a proper sunscreen is a million times better than all the water, creams, facelifts and injections in the world.

We can damage our skin through sun exposure so easily, which makes sunscreen essential. Make sure the products you use have sun protection included.

skin care myths
It’s never ok to fall asleep with make up on. End of story.

5. It’s okay to fall asleep with makeup on if it is mineral makeup.

It is never okay to fall asleep with makeup on, even mineral makeup. In fact, even if you don’t wear makeup every day you should still be cleaning your skin before you go to sleep.

While you’re sleeping, your skin relaxes and regenerates, so using the right products at bedtime is so important. You’ll wake up with clearer, fresher skin and none of the nasty stuff will be left on your face to play havoc overnight. I love using my hydrating cream at night all over my face and neck and the rest I rub into my hands.

6. Anti-ageing products are only designed for older women.

From your early twenties, you should be using anti-ageing products. They are way more effective when used to prevent ageing, so by the time you come to dealing with actual fine lines and wrinkles, you’re already ahead of the game.

You’re never too young to start using an eye cream, hydrating cream and moisturiser. Dr. LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream is one of the best products I’ve discovered. My skin just sucked it up and felt instantly hydrated. And smooth! I have a problem where my skin can be oily and dry at the same time, so I really needed a product that would work for my entire face.

This product isn’t heavy at all and absorbed so quickly. Start using it today, no matter what your age and you’ll see and feel an immediate improvement in your skin and people will notice. And they’ll all be demanding to know what your skin secret is.

What have you discovered about your skin, as it’s matured?

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