She has a million Instagram followers. Her brother just made an online photo series mocking her.

Oh, brother.

Remember when you were a teenager, and your brother mocked your every attempt at flirtation?

That’s pretty much how Instagram star Sjana Earp must feel every time she posts a cutesy bikini photo online.

The yoga-loving blogger‘s brother has been taking mickey out of her picture-perfect Instagram shots with his own imitation images for a year now. And (much to her chagrin, we imagine) his tongue-in-cheek series has now made him internet-famous.

We KNEW cut-out swimsuits weren’t for everyone. (Photo: Instagram)

Sam Earp first posted a pose mimicking his younger sister in October 2014, imitating her topless beach pose and captioning the image: “The awkward moment when you wear the same outfit #whoworeitbetter.”

The post got more than 2,700 likes, so Earp followed up with another image from The Bahamas, in which he copied Sjana’s carefree (and mostly clothing-free) romp in the ocean.

He even rocked a similarly skimpy pair of black bikini briefs, wedged at the back to show off his considerably less tanned posterior.

Sjana looked carefree. Sam just looked… like he needed a bigger pair of Speedos.

The #whoworeitbetter series quickly evolved into a social media sensation, and Earp now has more than 41,000 Instagram followers.

In one of his most popular shots from the series — which has been deemed “the best yet” by several Instagram followers — Sam copies his sister’s bunny-ears pose while his nipple peeks through the side of a less-than-alluring mankini.

Another of the Instagram pair’s ridiculously clickable photos include a picture of Sam donning a mermaid’s tail and a bikini top no doubt borrowed from his sister (what are the changes she gave him permission to pinch that?)

We’re calling it. She definitely wore it better. (Photo: Instagram)

Luckily for Sjana, she isn’t exactly losing out from her brother’s send-ups of her photos. According to Daily Mail Australia, the young model and photojournalist now has almost one million Instagram followers and gets paid for her social media endorsements. Newcastle-based Sjana’s online profile has even seen her touring New Zealand to shoot a campaign for Tourism Australia.

Not a bad gig for a recent high school graduate, really: Perhaps that’s she cops her brother’s relentless mockery on the chin?

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“Love you bro,” she posted in one of the sibling images, also referring to him affectionately as her “brother bear and partner in crime, aka adventure”.

If only our own sibling rivalry had been as lucrative.