Is your wardrobe arranged by clothing type? You're doing it wrong.

Wardrobe arrangement. It’s an issue that can make or break a relationship, play havoc with your storage arrangements (or lack thereof), and prove whether or not you are a little OCD – here’s looking at me, kid.

In a recent attempt to get organised for the New Year, I decided that I would reshuffle my wardrobe into seasons. It made sense at the time.

But after hanging five bulky winter coats, thirteen summer dresses and many, many pants, I was at a loss. I couldn’t decide where the pants should go, nor did I know where to put my cardigans and fancy dresses. So I shoved everything back in as it was, closed the doors and walked away.

It was tough you guys. My clothes had defeated me, and I was ashamed.

However I figured I wasn’t the only one having been defeated by my clothes, so after some hardcore researching (read talking to the Mamamia Team) I was ready to take on the challenge again.

So without further ado, I present to you six ways you can organise your wardrobe.

 1. Items

It may be the most obvious form of organising a wardrobe – but it is also the most practical. Looking for that shirt you wore for three seconds and then took it off because it just didn’t work? It’s most likely in the shirt part of your wardrobe.

Unless of course you are Jay Gatsby – in which case it’s on the floor.

2. Colour

It’s easy, it’s successful and every time you look in your closet you will want to do this because it’s so damn pretty and looks like a rainbow. Plus you will feel very, very organised.

3. Occasion 

Don’t have a place for those dresses you only wear once every two years? Now you do – in the ‘fun dresses I only wear once every decade’ section of your wardrobe – and it will be easier to find appropriate dress codes.

4. Capsule

Feeling overwhelmed by ALL the clothes?

Capsuling your wardrobe could be for you. Have a clean out and keep items that won’t go out of fashion – such as skirts, trousers, white shirts and coats – then update it with seasonal items. You’ll have Anna Wintour doing this:


5. Season

Sick of sorting through thick woolen coats in 30 degree heat? Simple solution – sort your wardrobe into winter/summer/spring/autumn ala Carrie Bradshaw.

6. Dirty/ Not dirty

You can do better. Nuff’ said.

How do you arrange your wardrobe?