"If you're single at Christmas time, I envy you. Seriously."

There’s a lot to love about being loved-up at Christmas time: more presents, more family, and yes, sometimes cheeky Christmas morning snuggles.

But sometimes, when I look at my jam-packed schedule of visiting multiple families, cooking multiple dishes and buying multiple presents every single Christmas as one half of a married couple, I can’t help but feel a little… envious.


Being single at Christmas means you’re guaranteed to be asked all those pesky “so, how’s your love life?” questions by Uncle Barry and Grandma Lucy.

That annoyance aside, being single during the festive season has a few definite upsides.

being single at Christmas
"Sorry babe, but this Christmas I want to go solo." Image via iStock.

No rushing around between different families.

Christmas Eve with his grandparents, Christmas morning with your Aunt and Uncle, Christmas Day lunch with your parents and then Boxing Day at his family home? Sounds exhausting.

A significant other means there are a lot of other significant people you have to fit in to a tight, three-day Christmas schedule.

When you're single? You can pick one place, and stick to it. Chilling by the pool at your parents' house while your married brother runs around town trying to make each family event on time?


average christmas present spend
Christmas schedules are INTENSE. Source: iStock.

It's much easier to escape for a nap.

Feeling full and happy after Christmas lunch? Had enough Chrissy pudding to feed an entire tribe?

Then you should sneak off for a nap.

You see, when you bring a plus one to your family Christmas bash, it's a lot more noticeable when there are two places missing at the table.

When it's just you? You can pretty much stop, drop and roll your way into a comfy corner nook for a lil' snooze.


You won't get any crappy joint presents.

Sharing is the worst. I know, it's supposed to be nice and thoughtful and sweet, but noone likes a gift they have to split with somebody else.

Being single means when it comes to gifts, you're considered your own person, and not seen as one half of a 'Mr and Mrs'.

And being a whole person means getting a whole present. Win.

disappointing gift
"I... I mean WE love it, Cousin Andy!" Image via iStock.

You'll save a whole lot of money.

Here are the people you DON'T have to buy presents for when you're single at Christmas: your partner, your partner's parents, your partner's sister and her three children, your partner's neighbour's dog...

Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

Being single = more money left in your bank account come December 27.


No-one will pressure you for... sexy times on Christmas Day

A stomach full of ham, prawns and salad does not a sexy person make.

The last thing on anyone's mind when they are five champagnes deep and three courses down is getting it on with their significant other.

When you're single? You can rest in peace.

worst day to do christmas shopping
How I feel about "making love" at Christmas. Source: iStock.

There won't be awkward questions about why you're not married/pregnant yet.

Admittedly, single people may still be at the mercy of the worst question in the world: 'Why are you still single?'

But being asked why there's no ring on your finger, or worse, why you're not helping populate the Earth can be equally as awkward.

No-one wants to talk about how they are just 'practising' baby-making with a mouth full of turkey.