Forget Lily, it's time to celebrate the real hero of The Wrong Girl.

Last night was an emotional episode of The Wrong Girl – and not just because it was the first week without The Bachelorette airing before it.

The TV series, based on Zoe Foster-Blake’s bestselling novel of the same name, centres around Lily played by Jessica Marais.

She is a breakfast TV producer and follows her life after Jack, the guy she likes (and her colleague) starts dating her best friend Simone.

And last night it all came crashing down for Lily, as her betrayal of Simone by sleeping with Jack and then trying to hide it caused both relationships to turn sour.


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But while the narrative always has Lily at the centre, for me she's not the standout of the series.

It's all about Simone.

In many ways she's actually "the wrong girl" the series is named after, but I'd argue that she's actually very, very right - precisely because she doesn't always get it right.

Sometimes, Lily feels a bit like forced caricature, while Simone appears far more human and relatable.

Here are seven reasons why she's the real hero.

1.Her style.

It's no secret that fans are more than a little obsessed with the clothing and interiors in the series, but Simone's eclectic layering and colourful wardrobe are scene stealing.


Clashing patterns, silk, sequins and that Moschino patent yellow leather measuring tape raincoat - it's some of the most exciting styling on TV at the moment.

Hell, she can even make tartan gumboots look good. (Post continues after gallery.)

She's not afraid to help others either, and regularly steps in as Lily's style fairy godmother.

When Lily is given the opportunity to produce her own episode of the show, Simone organises a night out to celebrate and prepares her not one but FIVE outfit options. Now that's a good friend.

She was also responsible for bringing that killer black jumpsuit for Lily to wear at her surprise 30th birthday party.

2. She knows how to throw a killer party.

She willingly spent time with the guy who had just broken up with her to organise an amazing surprise party for Lily's birthday, styled it beautifully (including her name spelled out in roses) and brought her an outfit so she wouldn't be under-dressed.


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Yes, she also got very drunk and caused a bit of a spectacle later on... but, haven't we all?

3. She hasn't got her sh*t completely sorted.

Perhaps one of the best qualities about Simone is that she hasn't got her stuff sorted.

She's not glossy or perfectly content with her Instagram-worthy life - her situation and struggles are relatable. She struggles with relationships, is drawn to the bad boys and isn't always entirely considerate of Lily's breakfast TV morning hours.


Obviously her drug use, alcohol abuse and concerning mental state post-breakup (which are more apparent in the novel and have kind of been skated over in the series) are not to be glamourised, but they're habits and conditions that many of us experience at some point and it's refreshing to see them (albeit briefly) on screen.

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4. She's loyal.

Loyalty is a characteristic ingrained in her character.

"Outspoken and easy-going, Simone is Lily’s loyal friend and flatmate. Simone has no rules, she will lend you her clothes, share her drinks and fight battles on your behalf," is her description on Channel Ten's website.

There's a beautiful scene in episode four when Lily and Simone reflect on how they fell in friend love while sitting in their clothes in their bath.

Fiercely loyal, their friendship is everything to her, which makes their later treatment and betrayal of each other even harder to watch.

Simone: the crazy, quirky, lovable best friend we all wish we had ❤ #TheWrongGirl

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5. She's not perfect.

Simone makes some questionable decisions.


She sleeps with her ex while dating Jack, parties so hard Lily has to come rescue her from a fountain and drunkenly causes Lily's brother Vincent's wheelchair to tip over.

She's not perfect, but neither are we - which is exactly why we like her.


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6. She makes mistakes - but she tries to makeup for them.

She brings Jack breakfast as a thank you for getting her home after Lily's party, attempts to bid thousands of dollars to win a date with him to make up for her cheating and is wracked with guilt over ruining her best friend's birthday.

She makes the mistakes, but owns them and then goes out of her way to try and put it right.


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7. Hayley Magnus is a legend.

A major reason Simone has earned so many fans? Her excellent portrayal by Aussie up and comer Hayley Magnus.

She's previously starred in Mental, The Dressmaker and Childhood's End - and is equally as hilarious and brilliant in real life if her Instagram is anything to go by.

Had red hair for 3 months but this is the only pic(k) I've got of it #thewronggirl

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Yes, Lily is the main character and makes for an enjoyable show, but it's Simone we can't look away from.

She's colourful, she's complex, she's flawed and she makes mistakes - basically, she's a little bit of all of us.

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