Five remarkable similarities between the weddings of Kate and Pippa.

Although Pippa Middleton’s wedding wasn’t streamed live for millions to see – and despite the fact she wasn’t marrying into the most high profile royal family in the world – her London high society weekend wedding wasn’t without its similarities to her sister’s 2011 wedding to Prince William.

Pippa’s wedding dress (designed by Giles Deacon) and the Duchess’ (designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen) were made by different hands, and yet still drew many a comparison. So too did the tiny and delicate bridesmaid dresses.

The cars, the kiss, the helpful sisterly re-arrangement of the veil prior to walking down the aisle all had the hallmarks of the other’s wedding.

The dresses themselves

The bridesmaids dresses

The cars - whether it be arrival or departure

The kiss

And this...

Now there are TWO weddings we'll never forget.