If you find wishing wells at weddings icky, this new wedding trend will really piss you off.

Yep, weddings just got even more batsh!t crazy.

If you’re already filing for bankruptcy after forking out for a hen’s day and wedding present (not to mention a wedding outfit and travel and accommodation expenses), look away now.

This is the invitation you never want to receive.


silent bridal shower
Image via Reddit.

Simply buy a card, enclose a cheque and post it off, it instructs.


No party, no fuss, no free cake.

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The most disturbing thing about this invitation isn’t even the horrible medieval-style font or the repeated misspelling of the word envelope.

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It’s the blatant cash grab.

(A quick Google search reveals that silent baby showers are also a thing now. There are threads of conversation dedicated to whether silent showers are tacky. The overwhelming response appears to be ‘yes’.)

We all know wedding and baby showers are a well-run scam for presents. But those fleecing their friends of their hard-earned cash could at least complete the pretence with a party.

Don’t deny guests the pleasure of cooing over miniature outfit after miniature outfit, or doing whatever one does at a bridal shower.

Don’t deny them the champagne. Don’t deny them the cake.

And definitely don’t deny them the penis straws.


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