Nine telltale signs you're wearing the wrong bra.

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Most of us don’t realise we’ve been wearing an ill-fitting bra until we finally put on one that actually does the job. Suddenly all the little faults that you’d become used to – the digging in straps, the not-quite-as-lifty-as-you’d-like support – are emphasised and you wonder how you ever coped or accepted it.

Reassuringly though you’re not alone. In fact, experts say that up to 80 per cent of women are wearing an ill-fitting bra.

Fortunately there are a few giveaway signs to look out for that your bra might not be, erm, supporting you as it should. And if any of them sound familiar, it’s time to get yourself to an expert fitter at the Myer Fitting Event to get sorted.

1. The straps dig in.

Uncomfy straps that leave dents on your shoulders are a surefire sign your bra isn’t giving your boobs the support they need, leaving it up to the straps alone to do the heavy lifting. In fact, straps should really only be doing 10 per cent of the work, with the band responsible for the rest.

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2. You’re constantly readjusting.

If you’re constantly having to attempt to sneakily fix your bra, whether at the band or the straps, it’s likely a sign it’s either too big or too small. If adjusting the straps to tighten doesn’t fix the problem, it’s time visit a bra fitter to fit you in the right bra.


3. You’ve got over-spill.

Boobs are great but no-one wants more than two. If your bra is giving you double boob (or a uni-boob) by cutting into your breasts, it’s time to move on. A great way to test this is looking at your chest closely when you’ve got a t-shirt on - any unwanted breast bulges will be immediately noticeable.

4. Your boobs are south facing.

An expertly fitted bra is almost like an instant boob lift, minus the needles. If your boobs are south facing no matter how much you tighten the straps, replace it with one that supports and shapes.

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5. The back band rides up.

Take a look in the mirror at the band of your bra - is it sitting flat and horizontally across your back? If you find it keeps riding up, it means it’s too big and you should probably consider going down a band size.

6. You wear your bra on the last hook.

If there’s one bit of bra wisdom I’ve retained from my first fitting, it’s that you should never buy a bra based on how it feels on the tightest hook. You should always go by the middle hook, so that as your bra stretches with wash and wear, you can tighten it.

If it’s still too loose, you may need to look at going down a band size.

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"Never buy a bra based on how it feels on the tightest hook." Image: iStock

7. The centre doesn’t sit flat.

When the centre of the bra doesn’t fit flat against your upper rib cage, it means the cups of the bra are too small for your breasts. This leaves the bra resting against your breasts, which means it can’t lift, separate and support them properly.

The same goes for feeling the underwire on your breasts rather than underneath them - it should not be pressed against the breast tissue at any time as it’s very uncomfortable.

8. The material wrinkles.

No matter how pretty the design, if the fabric is bunching or wrinkling, it’s too big.

9. Your neck or back hurts.

If you’re experiencing neck or back pain with no other viable reason, it could be because you’re not getting the right support from your bra as it’s the wrong size.

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 What are your top tips top ensuring you're wearing the right bra?