The clues that prove Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso have always been in love.

It’s a good day when the latest celebrity couple are sending our hearts a flutter are two of our own.

Model Ruby Rose and singer Jess Origliasso are dating again after over eight years apart.

Origliasso appeared on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa to explain how the pair had remained in each-others lives, despite their careers pulling them across opposite sides of the world.

“It’s sort of a sweet thing, love never dies,” Jessica said.

The Veronicas singer went on to share how the two have worked on themselves in their time apart.

“We adore each other… We’ve supported each other through the last eight years of our lives, personally and professionally we’ve really grown together.”

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The Orange Is The New Black star and Origliasso were together in 2008 but split with reasons that are yet to be made public.

The rekindled romance, along with their long-term friendship, may seem sudden but the signs have been on social media for years.

Why, a simple dip into Rose’s Instagram, 171 weeks deep, captures the pair sharing a very blonde brunch.

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A look into Origliasso’s Instagram shows the pair were sharing throwback photos just 18 weeks ago.


“This. We were pro death starers,” Origliasso writes in a caption directed at Rose.

More recent images of the couple show the strong bond Rose has with Jess and her sister, Lisa.

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Rose was reportedly split from her most recent romantic connection, Harley Gusman, at the end of August. A source told People the split was simply due to a lack of compatibility.

“It just didn’t work out,” said the source. “They weren’t on the same page.”

Origliasso appeared on 2DayFM’s Rove & Sam this week to share her thoughts on how the plebiscite was voted down in the sensate.

“That’s absolutely devastating and that’s incredibly upsetting,” she said hearing the news.

“I just don’t understand how Australia can stay in a place of regression rather than progression.”

The senate halting the plebiscite may prevent Australia from achieving same-sex marriage until the next election, but it will also save young Australians from being forced to endure the damaging campaigns in opposition.


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