13 women on the moment they just knew they were pregnant.

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Before a pregnancy is confirmed by a doctor or an at-home test, sometimes you just know. From significant bodily indicators to very strange reactions, 13 women share the very moment they knew they were pregnant.

1. Crime scene

“I was watching a crime drama and (inevitably) someone got horribly murdered. I just started sobbing. After 10 minutes of crying disgustingly I had the realisation that this was a ridiculous reaction and peed on a stick,” said one Redditor.

2. Brain freeze

“I became SUPER DUMB. They talk about ‘baby brain‘, where pregnancy affects your ability to think properly. I remember I went away on a weekend with friends, and I just felt like my brain was so slow and stupid. I could barely think or string a sentence together. My conclusion: I must be pregnant!” (WATCH: The five things no-one tells you about pregnancy. Post continues after video.)

3. Lifted clouds.

“I knew because I suddenly felt AMAZING. Which was weird because my father died last spring and I was going through a really hard time grieving and feeling general depression over it,” wrote PirateNadine.

“It was like as soon as the sperm hit the egg I looked outside and thought ‘wow! Look how beautiful and blue the sky is!’ And I was SO productive, got so much done in the two weeks before my positive test. I tested four days early and got a faint positive. Unfortunately that euphoria didn’t last although I still have a much better attitude and general sense of happiness.”

4. Dizzy spell.

“I got really dizzy and kind of drove into a wall in my garage. My car still has the scratch to prove it!”

5. Pocket Change.

“I had a suspicion when I drip-nose, red-face ugly cried because I didn’t have $3 to buy my husband a coffee,” wrote for PancakesForTurtles.

6. Prime period.

“I had menstrual cramps for a week but no sign of my period. It was really unusual for me so although I waited until the day my period was due to test I knew it would be positive,” said ChristineCatherine. (Post continues after gallery.)


7. She just nose.

“I could smell strawberries from the other side of Woollies.”

8. The headaches.

“My anxiety went through the roof for no reason, oh and headaches! The headaches that aren’t quite migraines, but aren’t quite normal either,” said Elle345.

9. Weird feelings.

“I felt ‘weird’. Just kinda off and my last period was only about a day. I have endometriosis so my periods are usually pretty heavy and last a long while,” said one Reddit user.

10. Boobs.

“Exhaustion and HUGE boobs. I also had missed my period, but put it down to my cycle not being regular ‘cos I’d only just come off birth control,” wrote katiehates.

“Then one Tuesday I was taking it easy getting ready to head out for dinner and I had this sudden wave of nausea and threw up. We really suspected after that, and my partner said ‘You’re pregnant, it’s all falling into place’. We tested that Saturday and sure enough… six weeks gone.”

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11. Smells like pregnancy.

"Mine is really weird... I was actually getting ready for bed, and when I took my panties off I could smell myself, but it wasn't a normal smell. Often before or on my period I can smell myself, or other ladies, but this smelled almost like ammonia. I thought maybe it was the undies and there just wasn't enough air getting down there that day (I had just started a new job), so I showered thinking it would go away," says one Redditor.

"Got out, finished up my nightly routine, then just to be sure, smelled again, and YUP, ammonia. I told my husband, and said 'I'm taking a pregnancy test, this isn't normal'. Sure enough, pregnant."

12. Love.

"I felt weirdly attached to my husband if that makes sense. It also helps that my periods are freaky regular and my cramps that start four days before my period never came," said Mudkipmurron.

13. For cereal.

"When I was pregnant with my first, I had to get up in the middle of the night almost every night to go eat something, usually a bowl of cereal or a granola bar or two," wrote one Redditor.

"A few weeks after my son's first birthday party, I woke up in the middle of the night super hungry, and had to go get something to eat. I had a bowl of cereal. When I went back to bed, I told my husband that I think I'm pregnant. I took a test first thing in the morning and sure enough it was positive."

:What sign or symptom told you you were pregnant?

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