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Laughing a lot and 5 other signs of a healthy friendship.

“Nothing is as liberating as being around someone who loves you for exactly who you are.

1. You’re both genuinely happy for each other’s success.

Nothing spells disaster for a friendship like jealousy and the quicker you realise your goals and their goals aren’t mutually exclusive, the better. True friends know that if one person gains something it takes nothing away from them.

So hearing about a promotion, new love interest (especially when they’re single) or financial success shouldn’t have your bestie racing for the Kleenex it should have them racing for a high five.

2. You’re both happy being vulnerable.

With everyone busily posting the ‘everything’s amazing’ version of their lives to Facebook while quietly crying themselves to sleep at night, having someone in your life you can admit your fears to is a powerful thing.

Being open about the fact you’re struggling or are unsure of where you’re headed is tough but when someone takes those insecurities and helps you through them without making you feel inadequate or more vulnerable then that is the right friend for you.

A good friend sticks around when times are bad.

3. Nothing is off limits.

Taboo topics are only taboo with people you’re not comfortable with.

With a true friend sex, bodily functions, questions about your third nipple, everything should be on the table. It’s so easy to go through life thinking the way you look or behave is different or odd because you’ve never heard anyone else talk about the things that concern you but sharing these feelings with someone who loves you no matter what makes you realise you’re not alone.

4. You can talk for hours but silence is golden.

When you click with someone the conversation flows easily but the true measure of a friendship is in the weight of the silences. If they are light and comfortable then you know you’ve found a great friend.

5. They bring out the best in you.

A good friend can draw out parts of your personality that have been dormant for years. They will challenge you, support you, make you want to be a better person and help you grow more than all the self-help books and Tony Robbins seminars money can buy.

You can always be yourself with your best mate.

6. You laugh a lot and are completely yourself.

Nothing is as liberating as being around someone who loves you for exactly who you are. When you’re with a friend you can dance in the street with, have your own silly language with and laugh with until your bellies hurt that’s someone worth hanging onto for the rest of your life.

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