You know you're not on holidays anymore when...

Say goodbye to lunch time cocktails and put a bra back on. Holidays are O-V-E-R.

Last week, when Digital Publisher of the Mamamia Women’s Network, Mia Freedman, posted this picture on her Instagram and Facebook scores of mums nodded along with her.

I could totally relate.

Holidays are officially over. Yes, some people went back to work right after New Years Eve. But there was still the summer feel. The kids were still on school holidays. But as we kiss Australia Day goodbye we find ourselves slipping back into routine and summer holidays are now a memory.

And Mia's picture got me thinking, wearing figure-hugging underwear isn’t the only sign that holidays are over.

There are so many dead give-aways.

Things like:

1. Having to brush your hair.

I have quite long hair. Loose ‘beachy waves’ (aka the un-brushed messy look) fits quite well over the summer break but doesn’t really cut it for office meetings.

2. Wearing an actual bra.

Okay, I’m not someone who can get away with not wearing ANY bra but I have to admit my swimmers were my bra for a large portion of summer. Underwire is a sure sign holidays are over.

3. No alcohol before 6pm.

Champagne breakfast? Yes please. Cider at the pub with lunch? Of course. Oh, how I miss holidays.

4. Wearing something other than thongs (the feet kind).

Given the choice I would wear thongs all day, every day. I know holidays are over when I put the Havaianas back in the cupboard and move to more ‘respectable’ footwear.

5. Putting on pants.

Okay, I DO wear clothes on holidays but my style is uber relaxed. Swimmers and a kaftan is enough for 99% of the functions I attend over summer. Proper pants signals the end of holiday comfort.

Goodbye messy hair. Goodbye comfy clothes.Goodbye holidays :(

6. The sunburn starts to peel.

A few weeks back your skin was as a bright shade of fuchsia. For a short time, it was the perfect sun kissed bronze. But now? You’re an off white and you’re shedding like a snake. Sexy.

7. Sleeping in no longer exists.

During the holidays most parents become pretty chill with bedtime. If you’re lucky a late night means a possible sleep in. Holidays are over when you get up at 6am and have to beg and plead with your kids to get out of bed and put on a uniform and uncomfortable school shoes.

8. Bills.

The post Christmas credit card bill lands in your inbox. The summer electricity bill arrives in the mail. Holidays officially over.

9. The parties are over.

Remember that long list of Christmas parties and summer catch-ups? They're now replaced by afternoon sport training and work commitments. Sigh.

10. You have to eat real food again.

Over the holidays there has been more than one occasion where I happily ate cereal for tea. Chicken and veg dishes are always a post holiday reality check.

11. You feel guilty.

You finally get around to cleaning the dining table and find that pre-summer ‘to do’ list. You have accomplished precisely one thing on that list -  Christmas shopping. The linen cupboard is still a mess and the toy room still needs painting. Then the guilt sets in. Holidays are over.

I don’t know about you, but I’m missing holidays already.

What are you missing the most from summer holidays?

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