BLOG: The new fashion trend we're in no rush to try....


Gwyneth’s doing it, Mariah’s long been a pioneer and Miley Cyrus is taking the trend so far that I’m starting to wonder if she even owns a bra.

The sideboob phenomenon is so huge that news site, The Huffington Post have dedicated an entire section of their website to it. Since sideboob really is just a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen, it has certainly been the surprise trend of the awards season red carpet to date.

As to what exactly constitutes sideboob, well, as with all great intellectual debates *cough*, this is where it gets a little confusing.

HuffPo (my go-to for all things sideboob) defines it as: “when the outer curve of a breast is exposed”.

So by that definition, it also includes underboob: sideboob’s raunchier cousin, worn by the likes of Beyonce on the cover of GQ and Rihanna, in pretty much every photo on her Instagram feed.

But what about Girls star Zosia Mamet on talk show Jimmy Fallon this week? She appeared in a red cut-out, plunging keyhole dress flashing a lot of boob. But is it still sideboob if it’s at the front? Or would you call it frontalboob? Or is just plain old cleavage? Perhaps it’s keyhole boob?

As we know from Meryl Streep’s character in the Devil Wears Prada (all great knowledge comes from Meryl), catwalk trends trickle down to celebrities and are then followed by the mainstream and that, my friends, is where sideboob has me running for cover to the bra department at DJs.


I am very nervous about us ordinary people types taking on the sideboob trend.

If your bountiful cup runneth over, it’s probably best to stick to the more traditional means of cleavage flashing but if you’re on the A-B-C side of the bra cup alphabet, there is something to be said for the freedom of not having to hoist, lift and separate.

[insert irony font] Like a 2013 version of female liberation, but instead of burning our bras were are just saying “not today, restrictive underwire, I wants me some sideboob.”

Wouldn’t the suffragettes be proud?

So if you’ve got the guts (and the cups) to down the Wonderbra and give sideboob a go, heed these words wisely: It is never okay to do it in the office, unless you work at American Apparel or you’re job requires you to pose in a bikini.

Take a look at some of the best celebrity sideboob moments in fashion:

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It’s one fashion bandwagon we’re not keen to jump on. How about you?