In case you haven't noticed, there are A LOT of siblings at the Olympics this year.


We’re not trying to be conspiracy theorists or anything, but has anyone else noticed there appears to be an astronomical number of siblings at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games?

The rugby has seven sets of siblings alone. Seven!

Surely that’s got to be a record?

Maybe it’s the uniting experience of gruelling training sessions, or parents only willing to do one weekend car trip, but the more we look, the more we’re finding family duos popping up — and almost always in the same sports.

So far, our sibling combo count is up to a whopping 25, but it’s likely there are even more than that. (Post continues after gallery.)

When discussing the unique experience that is working with (and sometimes competing against) your siblings, Cate and Bronte Campbell summarised it perfectly.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald ahead of the Olympic Games, Bronte said it was “crazy” that despite being the world champion, she’s not actually the fastest swimmer in her family — an accolade that goes to Cate.

“I don’t even get bragging rights around the dinner table, it’s a little bit unfair!” she said.

When talking about wanting to win a gold medal but competing against her sister, Cate said, “One of the people standing in the way of me achieving my life’s dream is the one closest to me. It’s a bit strange.”

Irrespective of who walks away with medals this year, it seems the Olympics in 2016 truly is a family affair.

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