What's happened to Sia's famous bob?


Image: Sia and her famous bob (via Wikimedia)

You might not be familiar with her face – mainly because she goes to great lengths to conceal it – but you almost certainly know Sia Furler’s signature hairstyle.

The uber talented Aussie singer’s sharp, short, platinum blonde bob might even be more recognisable than her throaty singing voice, which is saying something because her song Chandelier was impossible to miss last year.

Although Sia rarely appears in her videos (or in public more generally), and frequently obscures her face during live performances, her bob always makes its presence known. The cover for her new album features The Sia Bob (it deserves capitalisation now, surely) photographed alone on a black background, while the star of Sia’s videos for Chandelier and Elastic Heart, Maddie Ziegler, wears a wig version of the style in both clips.

It’s safe to say this cut has reached ‘iconic’ status, so you can imagine our surprise when we saw photos of the 39-year-old at Elle‘s Women in Television celebration this week with (a) her face on full display, and (b) her hair in a long braid.


Awesome. We also love her cheeky grin and want to know where we can get a tangerine trench coat like that.

Okay, so, on closer inspection it seems Sia's hair has been long for a while now. Not sure how we missed it - maybe we were too busy hitting 'Replay' on the Chandelier clip - but we like it regardless.

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