Shut the front door: We could be getting a Bachelor baby sooner than we ever dreamed.

Whatever you’re doing right now, it can wait. We have a potential BACHELOR BOMBSHELL on our hands.

According to a report in NW magazine, there could be a BACHIE BABY on the way very soon.

Deep breaths, everybody.


The magazine reports that crew members working on the reality show discovered a positive pregnancy test in the Bachelor mansion during filming.

“Everyone lost their minds when a crew member discovered the test,” a source told the magazine.

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“No-one is owning up to it, but there’s a lot of speculation about who it could belong to.”

There are a few issues with this reported news.

Firstly, Richie denies sleeping with any of the contestants while on the show.


“You’ve got to respect all the women,” he told Kyle and Jackie O when asked if there was any sex in the Bachelor house.

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Secondly, the pregnancy test could belong to any of the production crew that had access to the house and its bathrooms.

Thirdly, if it did belong to one of the contestants, it is possible they had an active sex life before entering the house. SHOCK HORROR.

But let’s take a moment to enjoy the thought of Richie being a dad for a little while before we have to return to reality, shall we?