Turns out that if you pee in the shower, you're doing the world a favour.

To pee in the shower or not to pee in the shower, that is the question. Or to be exact that was the question until modern science came up with the goods once again and settled this relationship divider once and for all.

According toe IFLScience, peeing in the shower contributes to the saving of the world through the mathematics of it. While your number twos need a considerable amount of water and flushing power to help them exit this world, urine on the other hand, does not.

“And that’s wasting a heck of a lot of water,” the site explains.

Time to get off the loo and into the shower. Source: iStock

Most modern, Western-style toilets use around six litres of water per flush. Most modern adults pee around seven times every 24 hours. That's a whopping 36 litres of water being sent down below every single day. And over the course of a year that adds up to an astronomical 15,330 litres per person.

And look, no one is suggesting you take to the nearest shower recess every time you need to pee, but by removing just one pee from your toilet and taking to the shower, you effectively save 2,190 litres of water per year.


Saving the world one pee at a time. Source: iStock.

And that might not sound like a lot as an individual, but if every Australian took up the pee-in-the-shower challenge for just one year, we'd save an astronomical 144,650,724 litres of water in 365 days alone.

As IFLScience points out, "thanks to man-made climate change, and partly thanks to inefficient use of water resources, water supplies around the world are running incredibly low."

So while you may have reservations about peeing in the shower, maybe it's time to think outside the square and look at the bigger, water saving picture.

Would you pee in the shower to help save the environment?