Introducing the easiest skincare routine ever - and it only costs $30.

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Oil is your new best friend — coconut and jojoba especially. Get to using this stuff and watch your skin change.

At around $30 total for the prods, which will last for about six-eight months each, this also has to be the cheapest solution to skincare ever! (Post continues after video.) 

Video via Mollie Harwood

A few pointers.

If you have acne: don’t be afraid of oil, especially as your cleanser — but perhaps don’t use the jojoba every single day/night. Switch out for an oil free moisturiser like this one: Skinstitut Moisture Defence Oily Skin

If you have ageing skin: this is for you! But if you find that you get a bit too oily from the jojoba, just use this a couple of days a week. Also make sure you exfoliate with a gentle scrub like Skinstitut’s L-Lactic Cleanser.


Otherwise, just enjoy this simple routine and reap the benefits of natural oil with these prods: Nakula Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and 100% natural Australian Jojoba oil.

What are your favourite facial oils?

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