In case you've forgotten, you still need to fill in your damn Census.

OK. Guys.

I know this is literally so last week. But we need to talk about the Census again.

So, let us put down our Bachie recaps for a moment, let us leave our talk of Roxy Jacenko’s upcoming 60 Minutes interview and our discussion about the fact that Bec Judd is constantly body shamed. Just for a moment. OK, well, just for 20 minutes.

You  definitely are might be aware there were a few issues on ‘Census night’ last Tuesday. A couple of wee ‘denial of service’ attacks. Nothing major.

I’m not joking. DDoS attacks happen all the time. In 2013, according to EWeek, IT security outfit NSFOCUS compiled some data that shows there are 28 DDoS attacks every hour. There’s some stuff floating around the Internet that suggests DDoS attacks are up in 2016, but, er, I didn’t really understand what these guys and these guys were saying and I ran out of time to call my network engineer husband to get him to explain it.

Listen: The Mamamia Out Loud podcast discusses #CensusFail 2016. (Post continues after audio.)

ANYWAY, upshot is, DDoS. Happens all the time. It happens to every site. It happens to Twitter. It happens to most media outlets. Amusingly, Nexusguard who do research about DDoS attacks say it happens to people who do research about DDoS attacks.

So, the Census site had a day or two offline, having a little rest.

But the Census is back up now, ready for you to go and fill in your form. Only problem is, ya’ll seem to have forgotten to go fill it in.

Duncan Young, head of the Census at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, says while the response rate is down a little bit from where it’s been in previous Censuses, it’s not all bad news.

“We’ve seen another million forms come in since the form got back up on Thursday.”


“But I think there is a risk that some people don’t realise that the system came back up again on Thursday. And, I think there’s also a risk that it just hasn’t come back onto people’s radar yet. But the Census is still just as important as it was on Tuesday.”

Too right, Duncan.

The Census is important. It’s what helps inform and shape the future direction of our country. No really, it does. How else will the Government know how many hospitals to build, where to build them and how big they should be?

If you haven’t filled in your form yet, you’ll probably be hearing from the Census people soon.

“We’ve got planned a period of reminding people. People will get a reminder letter either late this week or early next week and they will get visits from our field officers if they haven’t completed. But the sooner people do it the better,” Duncan explains.

If you haven’t done it yet, though, and you’re fretting about how you might have messed up the data sample, don’t be.

“There’s actually a little bit of an illusion in people’s minds that everyone fills it out on census night. People have always filled out the census over a period of time. They fill it out in relation to the Tuesday night. You talk about who stayed in the house on that Tuesday night,” he adds.

Watch: The Project team discusses #CensusFail. (Post continues after video.)

Video via Channel 10

“What we’ve seen with previous Censuses is that people do fill out the forms up to a month after Census night.

“We do have a range of processes which help manage any particular changes. We do quality checks to pick up any double counting, quality checks to pick up any under counting. Not everyone has ever been able to do it instantaneously on one night.”

“We were still visiting people into the second week of September in 2011 and we expect to doing the same this time. We had always planned for that.”

I put it to Duncan that it would be fair to say, that aside from the blip on Tuesday night the Census process is carrying on as it always has.

“Yeah absolutely. It just means we’re a little bit behind where we would have been in terms of response rate… Anything we can do to pick that back up.

Just do it. (Image: ABS/Facebook)

"I guess the silver lining of the incident is that most people did hear about it on the night and most people will have some recollection when the census went down."

True that. We all know where we were when we found out that Sam Wood had proposed to Snezana, and we all know where we were when the Census went down.

The Census form is back up. If you haven't filled it, would you just pop over here and do it now for us, please? Thanks!

In case you missed it, here's why some people were calling it #censusfail before the census even began. (They were wrong, by the way - at least that's what I said last week.)