47 stylish baby names you haven't thought of yet.

Looking for a short, stylish name for your child? We did the Euro-leg work for you…

Think of these names  as the baby name equivalents of a perfectly-cut bob or little black dress, elegant and always in style.

Choosing your baby’s name is such a difficult decision to make. Firstly, it’s not just your choice, but your partner’s. You’ve got to factor in that although you think “Patricia” is sweet as a cupcake, your partner may be rooting for “Bob.” Bob, for a girl.

You’ve got to think about what type of nicknames people will make out of your child’s name. Going with Richard? By high school the boys will definitely be muttering “Dick.”

We have a collection of short and chic baby names those in the City of Love are practically buttering on their croissants (read: using all the time).

They’re quaint and very difficult to get the nickname “dick” out of.

So you’re safe.

Now ladies and gentleman, it’s time to take your pick (wear a beret as you do – to feel tres chic yourself).

CLICK THROUGH our gallery of chic baby names below:

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