'I’m a fashion influencer. These are my 11 hacks for shopping with a bigger bust.'

Tell me you have a big bust without telling me you have a big bust - I'll go first. 

Dainty decolletage, backless moments, spaghetti straps and bandeau tops make you nervous. Oh, and don't forget being victimised by your underwire, buttons gaping, and the age old-dilemma of finding appropriate swimwear for family holidays.

I'm a fashion content creator who overshares on the internet about the struggles and triumphs of being bigger chested. Growing up, I found it extremely discouraging to not see my body represented the way I would like it to be. So I use my platform to post all about big bust-approved recommendations and styles that I love, with lots of laughs in between.

Essentially, think of me as your big busted bestie. So from one big busted babe to another, here are my tips and tricks to keep in mind when looking out for your next wardrobe addition.

1. Find yourself 'THE' bra; it makes all the difference.

Bra shopping is practically cardio in disguise and you can’t change my mind. 

A quick recap for those playing along at home: think lots of sweating compiled with mini breakdowns in stuffy change rooms, with piles of 'nos' and 'doesn't fits' swarming around. 

So excuse the dramatics, but when you do find 'THE' bra it really does change your life.

For me, I found my miracle bra just last month. I was strolling through Myer during their EOFY sales, and came across the brand Berlei. As soon as I tried it on I was instantly blown away. The support and coverage was simply unmatched.

I was so over the moon I even took it to TikTok (risked my account getting taken down and everything) to share my pure joy for this big bust-approved find. And who could blame me? It was the first time I could bend over without boobage spilling out of my cup.

@laraseverinoo i had to share this !!! my bust has never felt so secure in a bra 😭 pls comment any other bra recommendations - i need more! #brahack #midsizefashion ♬ Blue Blood - Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

With all that being said, it's worth taking time out and mustering up the mental strength to go on a quest for that perfect bra. It really does change the way your clothing fits, and most importantly gives you the ultimate confidence boost to channel your inner boss b*tch.

2. At the same time, don't be afraid to free the girls.

I'll let you in on a little secret. Most of the time (when I can) I prefer to ditch the boob holders. 

For years, I thought that because I was an E cup, this automatically meant I had no choice but to constantly wear a bra, in order to adhere to the 'rules' of my body type. But then I realised that these rules were straight BS and that some pieces of clothing actually felt a whole lot more supportive and comfortable without the bra.

If you're thinking I'm crazy, I don’t blame you. I was the same when I first heard this hack. But all I'm saying is, give it a go next time you're wearing a snug top or dress, and report back to me.

Here's some footage of me in the wild, braless in a supportive and fitted dress from Savel the Label:


3. Know what styles you like.

As with everything in life, knowledge is power. The more trends I have trialled and experimented with, the more I know which styles I adore, and which ones have traumatised me (shout-out to spaghetti straps).

Some key styles I love for my bust are A-line cuts, I find they give amazing coverage as well as support. I am constantly re-wearing the Meshki Delaney corset - it makes for such an effortless evening look. Bonus points as well because I can go braless in it.

@laraseverinoo busty gals run to @Meshki for this corset 🤌🏼 it fits like a glove and is so comfortable!! p.s Meshki Black Friday sales are starting tomorrow so even more of an excuse 🙊 #midsizefashion #bodypositivity #meshki ♬ Nen ten dawgs - Meepmurp

I am also a big fan of the sweetheart neckline and anything with a halter, because you can adjust the tightness as you please. 

For everyday staples I am a huge advocate for oversized baby t-shirts. I find them great to dress up or down, and they can be styled so easily with any high waisted bottoms. Australian brand With Jean have some really cute ones that have lots of stretch too.

@laraseverinoo my baby tee collection big bust approved 🤠💕 #midsizefashion #realisationpar #withjean #highrackstudios #bodypositivity ♬ Nen ten dawgs - Meepmurp

4. Take risks and experiment.

There's something about experimenting with clothes that are conventionally not deemed 'appropriate' for bustier girls that is just so empowering.

Take bustiers and me, for example. If you told me a few years ago that I would be wearing bustiers as outerwear, I would have laughed and said in your dreams.

Fast forward to the present day and my latest obsession is my emerald green bustier from small Australian business Caitlin Vee Lingerie. It’s the perfect addition to my wardrobe that can be styled countless ways for various occasions.

@laraseverinoo busty girls i simply cannot deal @caitlin.vee #midsizefashion ♬ BREAK MY SOUL - Beyoncé

5. To boob tape, or not to boob tape...

Personally I am not the biggest fan of boob tape. There's been moments in the past that have left me, for lack of a better word, scarred. 

But sometimes wearing a strapless, or even going braless, just didn't cut it. So last year I decided to give boob tape another go, relying on the help of my fellow big busted followers.

After asking my audience for recommendations, the overwhelming consensus was to try the brand Good Lines.

Designed for big boobs, the hold of Good Lines tape is pure magic. It's waterproof, sweat-proof, comes in a variety of widths, strengths and colour tones. Plus they even provide you with clear directions on how to safely apply and remove. 

6. When in doubt, size up.

One of the best things I’ve done to help dress for my bust, is whenever I'm on the fence about my size, I just size up. I find that I'd rather something be a bit bigger than too tight.

After all, Australian sizing is so all over the place, I have pieces in my wardrobe that span from a size 8 to size 16 - so sometimes it's like shooting in the dark when finding the right size. Which is why I opt for sizing up - I tend to return less tops and dresses that way. Same goes with pants to avoid camel toes (but that's a story for another day.)

@laraseverinoo hey australian sizing system, can you pls get you shiz together :) #midsizefashion ♬ we are all confused - cindy lu ❥

7. Everyone has a different definition of 'basics'.

When you hear fashion people bang on about the 'basics' you need to have in your capsule wardrobe, it’s important to remember that everyone has a different definition of basics.

My bestie swears by Skims singlets and rocks them on a night out, where on me they give off pyjama energy.


Everyone has a different body shape and style preferences, so don’t feel pressured to buy into a 'basic' if you don’t love it, or you don’t like the way it makes you feel. 

For years I thought I needed to wear camisoles, but always secretly disliked how they looked on my bust. I don’t know why I kept buying them, but I guess they just fell into my 'basics'.

Now I try my best to reevaluate my wardrobe needs, and not just purchase an item for the sake of purchasing.

@laraseverinoo PSA: one persons “wardrobe essential” doesn’t have to be yours. #microtrends #wardrobeessential #personalstyle #capsulewardrobe ♬ Sex and the City (Main Theme) - TV Sounds Unlimited

8. If you love something, buy it in a different colour.

On the absolute flip side, if you can’t shut up about how much you love an item and how perfect it looks on you, my mantra is to buy it in a different colour if you can. After all, styling and the right accessories make pieces look completely different time after time.

For me, one of my favourite discoveries as a busty gal has been bodices. My obsession started when I saw the fairy-like pieces that Aussie brand Dyspnea were dropping. Their tagline is "Clothing with enough fluff, sequins, silks and sass to give anyone a migraine". So you can see why I was hooked. 

I am now the proud owner of three of Dyspnea's Ta Ta Bodices, obtaining red, lilac and blue. With a lace-up back she sculpts my physique perfectly. I am constantly finding new ways to style them and am still as in love as I was from the first wear.

9. Detox your feed and follow creators with a similar body shape for inspo.

Last year, in true lockdown life fashion, I had loads of time on my hands. My screen time was through the roof and I quickly realised just how toxic social media can be when you are following the wrong crowds.


So I audited through my following list, parted ways with anyone who gave me the ick, and instead focused on only following creators that made me feel damn good.

For me, that looked like unfollowing those "get your bikini body this summer" fitness influencers that I followed from five years ago. 

Now my feed is inspiring and makes me feel happy. I personally love @inmyseams and @caseebrim for their videos. Their content is jam-packed with styling tips for big busted queens, and I am constantly saving for reference and outfitting inspo.

@inmyseams every big or small chested girls dream @klassynetwork #klassyxcabo #klassypartner #brahacks #stylehacks ♬ original sound - Janette Ok
@caseebrim i got you girl! back with some more large chest friendly dresses 🖤 #minidresses #occasionaldresses ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

10. Use TikTok as a search engine for clothing.

It's 2022. Who else is bored of looking at the glossy, airbrushed e-commerce model shots on brands' websites? Because same. 

My solution to that is to head to TikTok's search engine. Type in the search bar what your measurements are, and the brand and item of clothing you are looking for. And *voila*: feast your eyes on the hundreds of real people rocking the clothes you're eyeing off.  

I find this tactic extremely helpful whenever I want to pull the pin on an item but I am hesitant whether it's going to fit my bust. I love seeing how the clothing looks in comparison to other real bodies, so I can have a reference point for what it will look like on my own body. 

Or you could just measure yourself. But hey, I'm a visual learner so I’ll stick to TikTok. 

11. F**k the haters.

If you have made it this far, then I'm sure in some shape or form you have experienced the double standards and stigmas attached to having larger breasts. A simple tank top that could look classy and chic on your mate, looks inappropriate or 'too sexual' on you.

"Cover up". "You can’t wear that." "She’s asking for it". 

These are all comments I get on the regular when posting my fashion content online. 

But through these morons commenting, I've learnt one of the most important lessons: it's impossible to please everyone with the way you look, so the absolute only opinion that should matter is your own.

So what's the moral of the story here? Don't let having a busty chest stop you from wearing whatever the heck you want.

And next time you are eyeing off a cute top or dress, and think "I couldn’t possibly wear that", I dare you to say f**k it and do it anyway. 

Lara Severino is a content creator and Mamamia's Content Manager for Squad. For more, follow her on Instagram and  TikTok.

Feature image: Supplied.

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