CONGRATULATIONS! A shop threw an epic party for their 10,000th shoplifter.

Never again.

If you’re a shoplifter and you get busted, you’d probably be expecting to be arrested, or at the very least, be on the receiving end of an extremely stern talking to.

What you probably wouldn’t expect is to be greeted upon your (attempted) stealthy exit with a banner, flowers, champagne, cake and a marching band.


Watch what happened:

Video via Hippo Campje

“CONGRATULATIONS! You are the 10,000th shoplifter in this shop.”

A Dutch woman was caught on CCTV doing the sneaky in a department store. A store employee leaps into action- only, but not to apprehend the woman. To celebrate her.

“I didn’t do anything” she says. Of course not, they reassure her, while presenting her with a party hat and a piece of Hema-pie.

We’re not sure what that is, but it looks delicious.

As the woman breaks away, beeping guiltily as she passes the security gates, you can see a marching band, complete with little callisthenics girls in fantastic costumes.

Nothing like a celebratory parade to lift your spirits when you’ve just committed a crime.

To be fair, the sheer awkwardness and humiliation of this moment may have achieved its goal. We doubt this woman will be pocketing any un-purchased goods in the near future.

OK, we admit, in the age of the internet, this could be an elaborate internet hoax. But it’s still sensational.

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