Shop Til You Drop fashion shoot: and then I tucked my stomach into my jeans…..

If you're a reader or flicker of Shop Til You Drop magazine (I am), you may notice a familiar face in the new issue. Mine. Look! I'm on the cover!

Oh wait, that's Miranda Kerr. We're so alike I often confuse us when I look in the mirror.

I used to write a column for Shop and I've always loved it. Particularly, I've always loved the way it doesn't proslytise about fashion and isn't elitist. I find fashion magazines awfully earnest and tedious. Whereas Shop is just a magazines about stuff to buy. A mag-a-logue.

So a few months ago, when I began to emerge from my baby fog and started to think about clothes in terms other than how-easily-can-I-get-my-boobs-out-at-short-notice, I went and did a bit of a shop and wrote about it for the magazine. In case you were wondering…

I paid for everything I bought. It only occurred to me afterwards to write the story and ask the editor, Justine, if she wanted it. She did. So then we went back to photograph it in that way you do for magazines. Since the idea of magazines is for you to be able to buy the clothes you see, it was decided that I would wear items that were available now, clothes that were similar to my own clothes or clothes I had written about in my story. And so one afternoon, stylist Brooke and her lovely assistant descended on my house with suitcases full of gear and told me what to wear. I go terribly passive in these situations. I am the opposite of a diva. I just put on whatever I'm told and bow to the professional eye of the stylists. I can't tell you how liberating it is to be told what to wear. A relief. I wish that would happen every day. I would be delighted.

They had brought a few options so I'd wander off to try something on that they'd given me and then come back to see if they liked it. At one point, they gave me some tight jeans and I came back with them half done up and then TUCKED MY STOMACH in. With MY HANDS. I laughed. They looked mildly horrified and will probably never want to have children. My fault.


Anyway, it was a fun day and the story is quite fun to look at. Especially since it looks like I went shopping in 4 different and very glamorous outfits including several pairs of sky-high shoes. Needless to say this is not my usual shopping attire….

The other funny thing is that I wrote this story several months ago – magazine deadlines being what they are – and now, I admit, I don't wear my harem pants. And to all the people who told me my Rubi shoes flats would not be my best shoe friends after a few wears? Right.

Here are some out-takes from the shoot:


00031320-ST-AL-195 00031320-ST-AL-256