Two friends, a car and a journey to help people with cancer

Deb Browning and Lyn Braico write: “We’ll come right out and say that we need your help. We have just bought a 1989 Subaru L which has spent the last couple of years filled with alpaca poo and straw, sitting in a paddock – fortunately the car is the least of our worries. We need your donation.

We’ve joined the Shitbox Rally 2012, which is a charity that helps raise awareness and money for the Cancer Council NSW by driving a ‘shitbox’ from the bottom of Australia right to the top.

For the rally we’ve taken on the personas of  Thelma and Louise and even though we’re not driving a classic teal 1966 Thunderbird convertible to Mexico, we are driving from Melbourne to Cairns to raise $20,000.

From the 14th of April until the 20th of April 2012 we’ll be donning a couple of pegs for our noses while we battle the elements, both inside and outside the car, to help change the lives of people with cancer.

Melbourne - Wentworth - Tibooburra - Innamincka - Windorah - Winton - Undara – Cairns

With the Subaru hosed out and pine tree car freshener hanging from the rear view mirror, Thelma and Louise have brought new life to an old car. But with your donation, you can change the life of someone with cancer.

A donation would be a huge help in reaching our target. It’s a very simple process and it all starts here.

We have set ourselves a target of $20,000 and have already raised $8,350.  I do not expect one sponsor to give us $10,000 but many small donations can achieve the same goal.

Lyn unfortunately lost her mother to cancer a few years ago.  As a tribute to Lyn’s mum and many other friends, we have started “Touched by Angels”.  Painted hand prints on our car “Suzie B Subaru”, to remember our loved ones who have fought and won, or lost their battle with cancer.  Can you imagine how lucky we are to take your loved ones on our journey through the middle of Australia.  Every hand print holds a story, every story holds a heart.  Please donate and ask us to paint a hand for your loved one’s name and let them ride again with Thelma and Louise.


This is not a sob story, it is a love story.  It is real and we should try to do whatever we can to help.

Just like the movie, we are two girls going on an adventure.  But we are re writing it so we do not become angels but are supported by angels.

If you would like to get more involved then simply ‘Like’ our Facebook page for access to all our road updates.

Remember the Shitbox Rally is from the 14th of April until the 20th of April 2012, but the fight for a cure for cancer is ongoing.

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