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New details from Sherri Papini's murky past have emerged.

Four months on from Sherri Papini‘s alleged kidnapping and escape, new information about the Californian mother-of-three has come out.

The 34-year-old was abducted on November 2, 2016, while she was out jogging near her California home and was found before dawn, chained and beaten, 22 days later on the side of a highway.

While three other women have disappeared from the same area and police claim they have no reason to disbelieve Papini’s story, now further information from Papini’s past has emerged.

sherri papini history
Sherri Papini was reunited with her family after 22 days missing.

According to police reports obtained from Shasta Country Sheriff's office, Papini attempted to break into her sister's house in October 2000. An hour after the break-in, Papini was reported to be at her parents' home, vandalising the property.

Reports from 2003 claim Papini's mother called the sheriff’s office seeking advice about her then 21-year-old daughter's latest actions. The mother told police Papini was self-harming and wrongly telling people the wounds were inflicted by her parents.


That same year, Papini allegedly wrote a racist blog post claiming she physically assaulted a Latino woman in response to a group of people calling her father a "Nazi" and "Hitler." Sherri's ex-husband, David Dreyfus, however, claims the blog post was written by someone else.

“There’s no drama like family drama, and she may have had some serious drama with her family 13 years earlier,” defence lawyer Mark Reichel told Fox News.

sherri papini history
Sherri and her husband Keith Papini. Source: supplied.

Documents obtained by FOX40 also show that following Papini's disappearance in November, two detectives from the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office made a three-day journey to Michigan for "investigative purposes."

“It definitely hurts her credibility," Reichel said, adding, "This is very far from over, and it is going to get even more interesting, how can it not?”

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