Shelley Craft's parenting mantra is straight from a Disney movie.

Shelley Craft, 40, is a successful TV host and mother to two daughters, Milla Grace, 6, and Eadie Rose, 4.

On the latest episode of I Don’t Know How She Does It, host Holly Wainwright asked the Channel Nine host what she thought about the oft-cited cliche (overwhelmingly applied to working mothers) of “having it all“. 

“I don’t know what ‘all’ is!” Craft responded.

“I do my best never to preach anything to anybody.”

Listen to Shelley on the I Don’t Know How She Does It podcast (post continues after audio):

“Everything is different for every single person, so to put your values on someone else is just something I can’t, and don’t do. Just reassess it for yourself at that point in time.” she says.


Craft doesn’t claim to know more or less about motherhood than any other mum. Each and every family faces a different set of struggles, and it’s up to them to negotiate each challenge as they see fit.

“At the end of the day you go to bed and you can start fresh the next day no matter what’s happened,” she said. “And I think that goes with your attitude to work and family life and to everything really, just ‘let it go’,” she sung, probably having heard that song one million times this week.

As the hero song from Disney’s 2013 animated film Frozen, “Let It Go”, no doubt resonates with parents everywhere.

“It was going to be my new tattoo but thank goodness I rethought that before I got it,” Craft laughed.

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“It is my mantra. Just let it go people, let it go.”

In other words, don’t sweat the small stuff. Mums are doing their best – don’t hold onto the guilt or worry that comes with family life.

Just try to let it go.

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