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The 'Uber' for women that has baby seats in the back.

How many times have you asked a taxi driver to drop you off at an address that’s actually two doors down from your house?

Or sat in the back seat and pretended to make a phone call because the conversation with your driver was making you slightly uncomfortable?

We’ve all seen the cases of women being sexually assaulted in cabs.We’ve heard the stories about wandering hands, creepy questions. We’ve been warned; don’t sit in the front.

Women are four per cent of cab drivers. They’re less than 10 per cent of Uber drivers. So who’s looking out for all the female passengers?

George McEncroe is.

Speaking with Mia Freedman on the No Filter podcast, George McEncroe shares why she started her game changing ride sharing service, Shebah. 

The single mum of four kids started Shebah to give women access to a safe and affordable ride sharing alternative.

All the drivers are female, and so are the passengers.

She came up with the idea after her teenage daughter started going out to parties and felt uneasy about taking a cab.

“She and her friends adopted this phrase that they felt safer being feet on the street than in a small car with a bloke they didn’t know,” the former ABC host and comedian says.

But Shebah isn’t just for young girls heading out at night. It also tackles a huge problem that exists for parents that isn’t being addressed by taxis and ride-sharing apps; kids.


Unlike Ubers and Taxis, children can ride solo in a Shebah. For parents, it means they no longer have to run mum’s taxi service to after school sports, early morning appointments, or in situations when kids need to get home from school safely.

But what about the younger ones? How can you catch a ride with your baby? Where is the car seat?

McEncroe says new mums are being stung with exorbitant rental fees for cars with baby seats if they need to go to the airport or catch a lift somewhere.

So at Shebah, at the touch of the button, you can get a car catered to your needs with a baby seat or toddler booster chair.  You can book up to a whopping six baby capsules in one car.

That certainly beats free water and mints.

So is it really female only?

Shebah will only carry male passengers in a couple of circumstances. Boys under 18 can travel in the company of a female and boys under 12 can travel alone.  If a couple is travelling with their baby and they need a baby seat, they’re welcome to use Shebah. The service is all about catering to those who don’t have other safe options to ride.

The ride sharing service is also entirely trans-friendly.

You can find a Shebah in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Just download the app and off you go!

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