There's a brand new set of emojis for women. And they don't suck.

Have you ever gone to jazz up a text message only to realise all the female emojis kind of… suck?

Unless you’re a princess, a twin, getting a haircut or about to go salsa dancing, there’s not really a teenie tiny smart-phone bound lady capable of conveying your sentiments.

On the other hand, men have a wide range of emojis to choose from.

They have jobs, hobbies and assumedly rich inner lives.

This did not go unnoticed by Karina De Alwis, Noemie Le Coz and Nirmala Shome — the three Australian women behind She-Mojis.

The She-Moji keyboard has over 400 new emojis celebrating women.

Women who work as doctors, astronauts and dancers.

Women who skateboard, do yoga, wear head scarves and have friends.

There’s even an African goth.

“We liked the idea of creating something that spoke to women in a light, but direct way,” Neomie said.

“Something that could spread fast, and act simply, and quite literally, as a mini shout-out to the ladies – wherever, and whoever they may be.”

While the first release of the app has a range of  interests, cultures and professions there are still many more women out there to be represented, which is why the creators are also doing a call out for idea.

“Now that our first release is out in the world, we can’t wait to expand the She–Moji girl gang to cover even greater diversity. That’s why we’re crowd-sourcing ideas through #makemyshemoji – so we can really represent!” Nirmala added.

All you have to do is tweet your idea under the hashtag #makemyshemoji or send a tweet to @shemojiapp.


In the meantime you can get yours here.

Oh, and to top it off they’re also donating half their profits to The Malala Fund to give girls all over the world access to education.

Applause emoji, basically.

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Video by: Nia Nguyen