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The Block's Shay and Dean share their heartbreaking miscarriage.

The Block couple Shay and Dean have opened up about some heartbreaking news.

The pair who are approaching their final days in the lead up to the finale on the renovation show were reveling in their stunning apartment as well as excitement over the fact that Shay was eight weeks pregnant.

Shay, Dean and their daughter Evie. image via Instagram.

But two days later, Shay suffered a tragic miscarriage.

Shay told New Idea, 'On the Monday, I started to feel uncomfortable and experienced some cramping.'

'I kept saying to myself: “It will be all right” but it just got consistently worse over the next two days, and that’s when we lost the baby,' she said.

Shay, Dean and their daughter Evie. image via Instagram.

'We were both devastated,' Dean, 30, added.

While the couple are undoubtedly heartbroken, they are focused on remaining positive.

'We’re very blessed. We already have a beautiful little girl and maybe it just wasn’t the right time for us,' Shay said.

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