Why this super-fit couple has decided to "get fat."

When I think of what fitness couples do in their spare time, things like “kale!”, “yoga!” and “burpees!” come to mind.

Intentional weight gain? Not so much.

But it turns out that’s exactly what one super fit Queensland couple, Sharny and Julius Kieser, is doing.

Why? So they can undertake their fitness programs alongside the mums and dads who follow their work.

Sharny and Julius, who have six kids together, devised the ‘FitMum’ and ‘FitDad’ exercise regimens — and they’re determined to be “real, unfiltered and unedited” about their results.


“A long time ago when we came out of our other industries and started in the fitness industry we both said that we would never talk s**t to anyone and always provide transparency,” Julius, 35, said in a live video on the couple’s Facebook page.

“We have seen fake people teaching people how to look a certain way even though they aren’t doing it that way. So Sharn and I have gotten nice and fat for ourselves.”

In a subsequent post, Julius added that the duo’s version of “fat” was relative to their career as “fitness people”, writing, “If you’re not a fitness person, don’t try to look like us. In fact, don’t try to look like ANYONE.”

 "We want to actually do [our fitness program] again and to do that we have to get fat." (Images: Instagram/Facebook @sharnyandjulius)

In order to gain weight, the husband and wife indulged in sugary junk foods they'd formerly banned from their diets, and have eaten them without abandon for a month.

"We want to actually do [our fitness program] again and to do that we have to get fat. We now know that we have gotten into that dangerous place of eating because we're not just eating to get fat we've actually really enjoyed it," Julius said.

"We are eating so much that it has become addictive. Today has been our last bender and it's been fun but it's got to stop because we are not here forever."

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To prove "how f*cking chunky we got", Julis and Sharny stripped down to their bathers and jumped on the scales.

Dad Julius weighed in at a hefty 109.3kgs, while mum Sharny stepped on the scales at 69 kilograms, which she says is heavy for her height.

Together the pair want to lose 23 kilos in total; Julius is looking to get below 100kgs, and Sharny is planning on shedding even more.

"My goal weight is 55 kilos so I've got 14 kilos to lose in the next eight weeks. The first time I did it I lost 24 kilos in eight weeks," she said.

Julius weighed in at 109.3kgs, while mum Sharny weighed 69 kilograms. (Images: Facebook/@sharnyandjulius)

To get there, all sugar is being booted from their diets.

"We have noticed a difference in our kids while we have been junky junkies and we have become lazy and sort of brain dead," Julius said.

"We want to get back on there and show them no matter where you are in life you can still commit to something."

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