BACH FLUFF: We finally know the real story behind The Bachelor's most awkward moment.

It was the moment that made women around the country cringe in unison.

Sharlene Boguslavsky Mik, one of the, um, ‘less visible’ bachelorettes, finally made her move on Thursday night’s episode of The Bachelor.

After a whole lot of ‘will she, won’t she’ Sharlene approached Matty ‘keeper of the extreme sports dates’ J.

She decided to open with a joke: “I’m not actually one of caterer’s,” she said. (No one got the joke but we all secretly loved it/thanked God we didn’t make it ourselves.)

After that cringe-worthy opening, Matty J basically told Sharlene she wasn’t a contender for the title of Mrs J and sent her home without even letting her stand through another awkward rose ceremony.

Now Sharlene has spoken to Jessica Chandra at Cosmopolitan and provided some context to the joke that left a nation grimacing.

Apparently, there was a deleted scene from one of the previous cocktail parties where Sharlene made Matty some Russian dumplings – hence the ‘caterer’ comment and hence some of the 27.5 minutes they actually spent together.

“I actually made dumplings for him during one of the cocktail parties — we had some vodka shots and the Russian dumplings that were a traditional recipe from my grandmother,” she told Cosmopolitan.

Sharlene also revealed that when she dropped the caterer joke, Matty J actually replied, “Well I’ll have four chicken dumplings, and three pork dumplings and a vodka shot”.


Which is funny and a whole lot less awkward than what they actually aired – Matty’s confused face and the sound of crickets chirping in the background.

During the interview, Sharlene also said that some of the girls acted differently in front of Matty (no surprise there, really), saying she felt Elora’s comment to Leah on Thursday night was “unnecessary”.

“I’d question them going, ‘If you saw this back on TV, or if you said this around Matty, would you really be comfortable with that?’”

She also revealed that although we’re seeing their real personalities on the show, some of the girls would “amp it up a little bit” in front of Matty.

“But I can’t say that anyone was a completely different person. It was just different traits that would come out around different people,” she said.

When asked who she thought was the best match for Matty, Sharlene said she thought Matty had a really strong connection with Laura and Tara, and she revealed that Elise was a bit of a dark horse in the house.

Well, that’s that. Sharlene isn’t a caterer and she’s actually quite funny.

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