The Shark Tank presentation that left every judge speechless.

As leaders within the Australian business industry, you’d think it would take a lot to shake up the Shark Tank panel. But as it happens, there’s one thing even more terrifying than a horribly misguided business evaluation, and that’s children.

Making their way into a room full of sharks on Tuesday night were four young children and their parents, all of whom took part in Dubbo entrepreneur Kim Macrae’s learning program pitch.

shark tank kids
Andrew Banks was not ready for this. Source: Channel 10.

And within seconds of revealing themselves, the sharks were shifting in their seats.

"Oh, small children," Andrew Banks said. "Beware."

From across the room, the looks said it all. Janine Allis appeared slightly taken aback, Naomi Simson unsure, Steve Baxter puzzled.

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"Hello," he said offering a bemused wave to the kids who quickly waved back.

Within seconds of appearing, the kids took their place on the floor, reciting a song and dance movements created as part of Macrae's IkiFit program.

The exercise program involves music and sticks, and is intended to use children's imagination” and promote “positive behaviour”.

It does, however, appear very bizarre.

"I'm getting into it," Banks said after a couple of minutes, while Glen Richards looked truly confused.


Eventually, the keen students left the building, leaving Macrae to talk business and numbers with the sharks, but not before they were offered a handful of goodbyes from the judges.

shark tank kids
The terror that is small children. Source: Channel 10.

"Thanks for coming to Shark Tank," Simson said waving.

"Bye bye," Baxter chimed in.

If you thought things couldn't get any weirder, Macrae then told the sharks he had already invested $800,000 into IkiFit.


As always, Janine Allis was honest, telling Macrae, "I felt uncomfortable watching it".

Sadly, Macrae and his business, which he valued at $2.5 million, failed to make a deal. But hey, at least now we know that if you want to get the sharks sweating in their seats, all you need do is bring in the terror that is small children.