Friends? We’d like you to send your tampons to the Minister for Immigration.

Scott Morrison tampons
Send your tampons to Scott Morrison






Scott Morrison, Immigration Minister, is responsible for policies that degrade and humiliate refugee women in our detention centres.

It has just been revealed that women are forced to ask guards for sanitary items and the tampons and pads are only doled out one or two at a time.


This issue symbolises the unjust way that our Government is treating human beings.

It’s time to express just how angry we are at the humiliation of asylum seekers.

It’s time to demand this humiliation stops.

We are asking all our readers to send Scott Morrison one sanitary item to his Parliament House office every month starting today.

Our demand is simple – stop the ritual humiliation of women. The first thing Morrison can do is ensure all those who need sanitary products get them in good supply, whenever they need it without having to ask a guard. Period.

The sanitary products you send to Morrison must be hygienic for staff to handle (ie no used products!). If you want to write, follow the Destroy The Joint tradition and keep it civil and polite.

tampons scott morrison
Will you be sending Tampons to Scott Morrison?

We are not supplying these for asylum seekers – Australia has plenty of sanitary products and Serco (the contractor which runs the centres) makes plenty of money to afford them.

This is about humiliating and demeaning asylum seekers – it’s not a problem of a shortage of supply.

Our community will keep this campaign going – but we need to work together until there is change.

Our action is designed to send Mr Morrison a monthly reminder that he is the Minister for Immigration not the Minister for Inhumanity.

If he does not make changes, there is more we can and will do to keep this in the forefront of his mind.

Send your stuff – tampons, pads with messages, moon cups, whatever, to –

The Hon. Scott Morrison MP
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Send us your pictures. Make a commitment to do this every month when the DTJ tampon call goes out.

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Will you be posting yours tomorrow?