Shannon Noll and his wife have a secret way of communicating while he's on I’m A Celeb.

Shannon Noll’s wife Rochelle misses him so much while he is in the jungle on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! that she told New Idea she has “just stopped crying” over his absence. Nawww.

But the two have worked out a super sneaky way to communicate while he’s on the show, using a secret code he transmits with his eyes. Like blinding in Morse code maybe? Two blinks for, “Help me I’m starving to death in the jungle”?

“I can see it in Shannon’s eyes. We’ve got a secret sign – I won’t tell you what it is until afterwards – and he’s alright so far, but I know how much he’s missing us,” she said.

First holiday in 3 years, bring it on! #relaxingtime

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Rochelle was against her husband being on the show – and says the six weeks they’ll be apart for his appearance is the longest they’ve been without one another in 14 years of marriage. Double nawww.

“I couldn’t bear the thought of him being away for so long. It was like, “You can’t do this to me, no way,'” she told the magazine.

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But off he went, and goodness how sweet is this – Rochelle soothes her aching heart by listening to the singer’s music.

She said: “I only stopped crying about three days ago but I still get a bit teary if I listen to one of his songs.”

That’s true love folks.