"This is disturbing." The Snapchat video of a young driver taken moments before her death.


In the early hours of Sunday morning, three young women were driving in Sydney’s west filming each other mucking around on Snapchat as they drove.

In the footage, one of the friends yells at the driver, “Shania!” as she looks towards the road in open-mouthed adrenalin and what appears to be fear, before turning back to the camera and smiling.

After the footage cuts out, Shania McNeill, 21, crashes the car head on. She died at the scene.

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Video via Nine

Her two passengers – Faeda Hunter, 20, and Hazel Wildman, 23 – were injured in the crash, and took pouting photos of themselves recovering in hospital just a day after watching their friend receive frantic CPR assistance from a passing police officer who couldn’t save her.

In the image, both women are wearing neck braces and are hooked up to medical machines. One of their faces is covered in cuts and blood.

Snpachat photo
Image via Snapchat, obtained by News Corp.

Two men were in the car the trio crashed into, a 61-year-old and a 39-year-old. One was seriously hurt, the other suffered non-life threatening injuries.

A man told The Daily Telegraph he was driving on Richmond Road in Berkshire Park when he saw the girl's car swerved deliberately towards him.

"The first car closest to me moved over onto my side of the road. It was a violent swerve towards me... quite intentional," he said.

"I moved out of the way and it seemed to take a second swipe at me."

It's believed the women might have been playing a game of "chicken" with oncoming traffic.

Shania's family and friends have paid tribute to the Queenslander online calling her a "beautiful soul."

Her aunt Tarsha has set up a crowdfunding page for her funeral, describing her as "one of a kind."

"You were passionate, loved by many including me and you are sadly missed," she wrote.

The page has already raised $13,000, surpassing its goal of $10,000.


Shania's mother and father are due to have a son in a week, their fifth child.

Her aunt says Shania was so excited to meet and love him.

"Tennille, Lee and Shania’s siblings, Angel, Jemma and Jack all live in QLD and we not only need to raise money for the funeral, we need to fly them all down to Sydney for it," wrote Tarsha.

"Waiting for you to just come home! I’m devastated," a friend wrote on Facebook.

"You changed and brought light to my life."

Police are investigating the Snapchat video that reveals Shania's final moments.

It was viewed by 50 people at the time of the fatal crash. It's unclear at this stage if drugs or alcohol were involved.

“Any trend of [using] video or Instagram or any of those social media platforms and sending out video or taping while you’re driving is a trend we’re really trying to stop," Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy told The Daily Telegraph.

“The most disturbing thing with the video is her family and parents will have to look at that video now.

“The fact it’s gone online, the fact they have to live with that, is disturbing,” said the Assistant Commissioner.

There have been more than 9000 infringement notices relating to mobile phone use this year. The Assistant Commissioner is particularly concerned about the 45 people who have been issued twice.

"The question about whether the message is getting through is an interesting one," he told Seven.

* Featured image via Snapchat/Newscorp.