The Bachelor's Kiki finally addresses Shane Warne romance rumours on The Project.

She may not have won Richie Strahan’s heart, but according to some reports, freshly evicted Bachelorette Kiki Morris has already moved on with none other than cricketing legend and cringe-worthy selfie taker, Shane Warne.

“We all know how much Shane loves his blondes, and Kiki is exactly the sort of girl he would enjoy getting to know better,” an unnamed source recently told Woman’s Day.

shane warne kiki

Kiki on this season of The Bachelor. Source: The Bachelor / Channel 10

“Shane has been persistent in sending messages to Kiki, trying to court her with his charm, and repeatedly offering the opportunity for the pair to meet up."

But appearing on Thursday night's episode of The Project, Morris quickly put the rumours to bed, telling the panel that the "very, very big rumour" was just that.


"The true story is I've known Shane for many years," she began.

shane warne kiki

Kiki with Faith on Wednesday night's elimination. Source: The Bachelor / Channel 10.

"He actually gave me a word of advice since coming off the show and said 'Hey Keeks, I'm really proud of you going on The Bachelor. The media can be quite tricky but just be yourself and everyone's going to love you.' And somehow that's been misconstrued into Shane Warne wants to date me and I'm interested."

Shane Warne, ladies and gentleman. The tome of all knowledge with no (blonde) hidden agendas.

"We're very much friends," Morris continued, adding finally, "he's never ever once tried to take it any further. It's very much platonic. "

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