It looks like Shane Warne lied on Instagram and things got very awkward, very fast.

Welcome to just another instalment in the life and times of being Shane Warne and using social media.

This could, of course, be used as a lesson as to why people who have children old enough to be on social media should refrain from engaging with it when they don’t understand its underlying principles, or, we could present this without comment. Which is probably safer.

It does seem poor Warnie can’t do much online without fans calling him out, this time taking aim at his use of a what appears to be a stock image while trying to palm it off as his own.

“Another stunning sunset over Melbourne tonight, which is wonderful as today has been a great day for various reasons, hope your day / night brings joy & happiness too ! Time for a glass of red and reflect,” he wrote alongside what would appear to be a fairly innocuous photo of a Melbourne sunset on Tuesday night.

And it didn’t take long for the comments to roll in.

“Getty images again? Come on Keithy, you’re better than that,” one wrote. (Did I miss the memo where should be calling him Keithy? I think, yes.)

Others used cricket analogies (duh?) to communicate their disdain.

“Warnie, I’m afraid that’s a no-ball so large that the Match Referee needs to have a chat. few options here mate. a) credit the actual photographer who you nicked this from, b) pay for the higher res version or c) take your own photos.”

“Turn it up Warnie…. that’s a stock photo,” another wrote in an insult so characteristically Australian.


There did, however, appear to be one person who was surprisingly happy with the photo appearing on Warnie’s page. Totally happy, or totally passive-aggressive, but that’s for you to judge.

“Thanks for reposting my image Warnie! I’m glad you liked it,” photographer Rob Wood wrote under the image.

A quick peek of Wood’s own Instagram page would find he isn’t wrong, originally posting the same photo more than 34 weeks ago.

Warnie is yet to comment on the stock photo saga, but one things for sure and that is that Warnie struggles to fool most of his 500k + followers.

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