More details about Warnie and Brynne's bizarre late night encounter.

New information has reportedly emerged in the Shane Warne and Brynne Edelsten saga – one that involves condoms and ciggies.

The former Australian cricketer was caught red-handed (and red-faced) when he arrived at Brynne Edelsten’s home at 1am for a ‘nightcap’ after a charity poker tournament in Geelong.

However, that innocent ‘nightcap’ is now believed to have been a euphemism for a round of cheeky Baileys and a passionate night with the blonde socialite.

When the pair arrived they were confronted by paparazzi. Warne later said he was furious that someone – believed to be Edelsten – had tipped off the paps.

The father of three, who has been linked to countless scandals with various bombshells since splitting with ex-wife Simone Callahan in 2007, claims he had been invited back to Brynne’s (in person and not by text!) for a ‘nightcap’ shortly after the two stars partied at the All In For Charity poker tournament in Geelong.

Shane and Brynne. Images via Getty (L) and Channel Ten (R).

According to popular entertainment reporter Peter Ford, the 46-year-old former Australian cricket player was heard outside of Brynne’s apartment block telling her he needed to go and "buy condoms and cigarettes". Warnie denies that he made any such statement.

The entertainment producer also revealed to Kyle & Jackie O on KIIS FM that Brynne offered Shane some 'Baileys' before wanting to join him at the shops to grab a 'pie'.

Ford then revealed: “I asked him, ‘Do you think this was set-up or if anyone else tipped off the paps?’ It’s not just about getting your picture in the paper and being relevant, this is about getting some coin.”

You can watch Warne on The Project below. Post continues after video. 

Video via The Project

Brynne Edelsten was known for her controversial relationship with Geoffrey Edelsten, and recently confessed on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show that she could understand why people branded her as a ‘gold digger’ during their four years together.

Warnie took to social media to out the socialite, saying Brynne lured him there for the publicity on Thursday night: “Some people never cease to amaze me. Listen to this one. After a fun night raising money for breast cancer in Geelong last night, me & a few friends plus Brynne Edelsten went out for a couple of drinks.

Ouch. Friends plus Brynne.

He goes on to write: “Brynne then invited me back to her place around 1am for a nightcap, when I arrived, paparazzi were conveniently waiting outside her home to get the pic, coincidence?”

Warnie, who was in an on-again off-again relationship with Liz Hurley a few years ago, said he left Brynne’s place instantly and thought the whole thing was just ‘sad’.

What are your thoughts? Did Brynne mastermind this whole pap set-up or did Shane know exactly what he was doing? Could he just be angry at being caught out?

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