ROAD TEST: "I tried Schwarzkopf's new BIO-TECH range and my dry scalp is so glad I did."

Thanks to our brand partner, Schwarzkopf

I know we're in the depths of winter when:

A) I crave pasta four nights a week; 

B) The good shows are on TV because people are spending more time indoors; 

And C) My scalp feels dry. 

It’s definitely not dandruff, but sometimes in the cooler months my scalp is on the drier side - just like the rest of my skin - thanks to heating at home, air-con in the car and office, lots of warm cosy layers and really, really hot showers (and I can't give any of that up!).

That's why I was pumped to read about the new Schwarzkopf BIO-TECH Pro-Balance shampoo and conditioner. I knew I didn't need a full on anti-dandruff shampoo, but was definitely after something to feed and nourish my scalp - especially seeing as the scalp gives life to healthy hair, and I want my hair looking shiny and strong.

Schwarzkopf's new BIO-TECH Pro-Balance shampoo and conditioner. Image: Leigh Campbell/Mamamia. 


The range features prebiotic actives, which are said to support the scalp microbiome. You see, just like in our gut, the microbiome is a community of microorganisms that exist in one habitat, and for it to function efficiently it must contain a diverse range of microorganisms.

Why? Because if it's out of whack the scalp can become dry and your hair may also be dry, brittle and fragile.

The set also boasts Birch Water, which is a wonderful ingredient, rich in amino acids and minerals. It works to moisturise the scalp and balance the microbiome. Sounds good, huh? And expensive, too. But this premium salon-quality range is $16.99 for each 500ml pump pack.

Once I’d learned that, I knew I needed to see what all the fuss was about first-hand.

The shampoo is a lovely creamy, nourishing formula. It deeply cleans but doesn't feel like it leaves hair stripped or crying out for conditioner to untangle.

Both the shampoo and conditioner contain liquid keratin, which works to fortify the cell structure of each strand, helping to prevent future damage. It's also got a bunch of other great stuff in it like shea butter and ginseng root extract. 

I've been using both for a few weeks now and my hair feels clean, soft, and not at all weighted down, but much less dry. And my scalp feels more 'relaxed', if that's even a thing?

See. 'Relaxed'. Image: Leigh Campbell/Mamamia. I always shampoo twice, then work in conditioner from my ears down and give it a few minutes to penetrate before rinsing thoroughly.


I also really like what the Pro-Balance shampoo and conditioner *do not* contain, which is just as important. There are no artificial colourants, silicones, mineral oils or SLS.

See, I told you it was a salon-quality line.

The Schwarzkopf BIO-TECH range has three sublines: Colour, Pro-Balance and Repair. All are available at leading supermarkets and retailers, in stores and online.

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