Candid photos reveal the sex life of people living with disabilities.




All too often those who don’t fit into our culture’s single-minded perception of physical beauty are rejected, ignored and excluded.

People who are living with a disability often fall into the category that is pushed aside to avoid discomfort, or say, looking at these impossible standards of ‘beauty’ more closely.

That is, until Italian photographer Olivier Fermariello had something to say about it.

“I see disability as a mirror of society,” explains Fermariello. “Most of us belong to the 99% of people who do not fit into the standards of manipulated beauty.

Olivier is using his photo series “Je t’aime moi aussi” to combat the growing idea of “otherness” in our society by showcasing his models as not only wonderfully unique but overtly sexual as well.

Fermariello’s cleverly staged photographs bring to life the sexual fantasies and desires of disabled individuals, finally giving his subjects what they have always deserved: visibility.

By performing acts that are usually shunned from the public eye, the photos challenge our mainstream culture’s tendency to silence identity. To silence what is real and natural.

The photographer spent weeks, sometimes months, getting to know the intimate daily lives of his subjects.

These people were so willing to give such an intimate portrait of their daily lives because they wanted others to see that yes, in fact, people with disabilities do have fantasies. Do have sexual needs.

And in this series, Fermariello gave his subjects the spotlight they deserve.