Carrie Bickmore had a near Freudian slip of the tongue on The Project.

Tonight’s episode of The Project kicked off like any other. The panel – Carrie Bickmore, Peter Helliar, Waleed Aly and Mamamia founder and creative director, Mia Freedman discussed all manner of things happening in the world today.

After a more somber segment, where Bickmore interviewed the sister of Daniel O’Keefe – the Victoria man found behind a wall cavity in his house five years after he went missing – the team discussed the hashtag #distractinglysexy.

This hashtag went viral last year after women scientists fought back against comments made by Nobel Prize winner Tim Hunt, when he said there was a ‘problem’ with women scientists.

Thursday night's The Project panel. Image via Channel 10.

While on the subject, Bickmore cut in saying Waleed Aly's wife Dr. Susan Carland had texted her.

"Can I just say one thing? You said in that package how your wife is smarter than you, well she's actually texted us to let us know that you didn't know what a motor ..." Bickmore fumbled over her words for a second before concluding,"motorboard was."


Freedman interjected with, "Motorboat?". The team and audience members fell apart laughing.

Yep, they lost it. Image via Channel 10.

Freedman's seemingly innocent comment was taken as a sexual innuendo by the grown-ups in the room. Because, of course, 'motorboating' is a sexual term referring to shaking your head between a woman's breasts.

"We have Ian Thrope here after the break," Helliar said as the show cut to ad break.

That's definitely not something you hear on prime-time television every night.

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