Alleged sex attacker caught in Bali and held for a year returns to Australia to face allegations.

Having been detained in Bali for over a year, a 33-year-old man has been extradited and returned to Australia to face sexual assault allegations this week.

The Finnish man was arrested upon arrival at Denpasar’s Nugrah Rah Airport in May 2015 and has been held by Balinese officials ever since.

His arrest came following an alleged attack on a Perth woman in February of that year.

It is understood that the man had plans to travel from Denpasar to Singapore prior to his detainment.

Jetstar flights set to depart from Denpasar airport. Source: Facebook.

Speaking from the attorney-general's office in Bali, spokesperson Abdul Muin told that the man "was charged with a criminal offence in Australia and on that basis, Australia asked us to extradite him.”

The man was escorted onto a Perth bound Jetstar flight by Australian officials and a number of Indonesian police officers on Wednesday.

He is expected to appear in court within the coming days.