Not OK: Bravo, TV company. You've managed to take advertising back to a more offensive time.

Here’s an achievement: Creating an ad so awful it manages to offend housewives, lunch ladies, cat lovers and all women, everywhere.

But bravo, DirecTV – you’ve nailed it.

The US direct broadcast satellite service provider and broadcaster has insulted pretty much the entire female population with its latest sexist ad campaign featuring supermodels Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal and Hannah Davis.

“Sexy” Chrissy with DirecTV.


And “frumpy” Chrissy without it.


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The ads, which are due to appear in an upcoming Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, show the scantily-clad models lounging seductively on the beach, looking hot, next to the line “…And I Have DirecTV”.

Apparently, owning pay TV is sexy!

Again, Hannah is “sexy with DirecTV…


…And “frumpy” without it.


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In contrast, each of the models are then dressed up (or down) as a “frumpy” cat lover, kitchen lady and housewife, because these “sad” versions only have cable. Oh, the shame.

Because nothing could be worse than liking cats or owning mum jeans, right?

DirecTV helps Nina look good in a bikini!


But without it, she’s a “sad” lunch lady.


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Look, using half-naked hot chicks to shill products is not new – and it’s actually pretty boring.

But insulting women’s life choices and certain careers? That’s not ok.

What do you think of the ad? Sexist and offensive, or harmless?

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