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These cringe-worthy, sexist Christmas sweaters are just terrible.

So you know what doesn’t fill me with Christmas spirit and festive cheer? These stupid, intentionally sexist novelty sweaters.

This is not a festive prank. A UK retailer has actually been manufacturing these sweaters in the lead up to Christmas, and not surprisingly, they have caused a stir around the world.

Now, I’m assuming they are supposed to be worn ironically – at office Christmas parties, perhaps?

Clearly, they are meant as a joke, and not to be taken seriously.

But still – they make me feel icky.

Because they are just another reminder that women are continually viewed as sexual objects by society. And I can’t imagine these being okay at even the most politically-incorrect office.

Here are a few examples of the sweaters in question:


And another:

But over to you…

What are your thoughts on these sweaters?

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