And the sexiest man alive is...



Okay get ready for it. The sexiest man alive in the world right now – living, breathing, eating, flexing – is (HINT #1) Australian.

HINT #2: An actor.

HINT #3: Well known for playing an occasionally shirtless comic book hero.

HINT #4: Not Hugh Jackman.

Figured it out yet?



Wait for it…



Chris Hemsworth. You heard me, Chris. Hemsworth. That is, according to People Magazine.

The announcement was made live on Jimmy Kimmel following much ado. It also followed much speculation about which sexy nominee would take the crown, with Neil Patrick Harris and Chris Pratt also in the running.

But Thor hammered the competition.

Here he is being handsome:

Here he is being shirtless:

Here he is being an actor:

And here is with his beautiful wife, when she was pregnant with their twin boys.