The celebrity body women and men want are so so different.

What makes a woman sexy?

It’s no surprise that the majority of women envy the slim and toned body of Cameron Diaz. What is surprising is that the men in our lives are actually after something much, much different.

Cameron Diaz. (Image via Getty)

According to a new nationwide sex survey carried out by Men's Health and Women's Health magazines, men prefer the curvy figure of Kate Upton.

But the fact that men like women a little bigger than we think they do, isn't actually a new idea.

Australian Women's Weekly reports a Journal of Psychology study called 'Sex differences in perceptions of desirable body shape' found that when males and females were showed a set of nine figure drawings arranged from very thin to very heavy figures,


"Men thought women would like a heavier stature than females reported they like, and women thought men would like women thinner than men reported they like."

Kate Upton. (Image via Getty)

In their assessment, the authors said, "Our data suggest that women are misinformed and exaggerate the magnitude of thinness that men desire, probably as a result of promotion of thinness in women through advertising by the diet industry."


So don't feel guilty about that extra bit of cake last night ladies.

The poll of 1,000 men and 1,000 women, also found that men are after the vascular physique of Hugh Jackman while women prefer a Ryan Gosling look-a-like.

Ryan Gosling and Hugh Jackman (Images via Getty)

But if we're honest we'd take either.

According to Women's Health readers, the sexiest body part of a man is his chest, closely followed by his face and bottom.

And they'd rather their man had hair on that sexy chest with just 28 per cent thinking it was acceptable for men to shave it.

Men's Health Editor Toby Wiseman said, "Understanding what women want is one of the great mysteries all men have confronted down the ages, and some of our female respondents' answers have been genuine eye-openers."

"The good news is we can stand down on the preening – women are still in the market for someone distinctly masculine." 

Do you agree? Would you prefer a body like Cameron's or one like Kate's?

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