SEX DIARIES: 'I secretly slept with my best friend's brother on NYE.'

As soon as we walked through the front door, he had me pinned up against the wall. 

His body pressed into mine, while his mouth worked its way from my lips to my neck. 

Sucking, pulling, and teasing at my skin. 

I threw my head back and silently begged for more. 

With heavy hands, he grabbed at my body, squeezing me tightly. 

Moving with an urgency I’d never seen. 

Hurried. Impatient. Ravenous for more. 

As his palms passed over my hips, he pushed himself into my pelvis.

Every inch of him pressed against me at once, with only his jeans and my panties separating us. 

I trembled with desire under his fingertips, and with a thirst I hadn’t felt before. 

A lust like no other. 

Groaning into my mouth, he nibbled at my lips, before working his tongue inside. 

Swirling around mine, he pulled me in deeper, until there was so little left holding me back. 

Sliding his hands under my bum, he lifted me up, and I wrapped my legs around him. 

A wordless reply. 

A mute agreement. 

With that, he carried me through to the bedroom. 

And I fell into bed with my best friend’s brother.

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It was New Year’s Eve, and parties were in full swing. 

My best friend and I had got tickets to an event in the city. It was just meant to be our little group, but then her older brother flew into town at the last minute. 

We’d never met before, and I didn’t think anything of it. 

I didn’t think anything of him. 

As far as I was concerned, he was just her older brother. 

And definitely off limits. 

But then he walked through my door.

Ahead of the big night, I was hosting pre drinks. Everything was set and organised. I just didn’t expect him. 



And incredibly sexy. 

With huge arms protruding from a crisp white shirt, he was everything I find attractive in a man. 

Except his DNA.

Smiling sweetly, I welcomed my best friend and her brother, reminding myself to be on my best behaviour. 

But by the time we reached the party, the undercurrent of something more had already started to form. 

It was the way he passed me a drink, with lingering fingers. His leg pushed against mine in the taxi. His hand, ever so briefly, on my waist as we queued to get in. 

All while my best friend was looking the other way. 

Inside the lights were dim, the music was loud and there was no mistaking his look. 

He wanted me. 

I wanted him. 

It was still before midnight when I lost my friends. 

Scanning the crowded dancefloor, I suddenly felt someone grab my hand. 

It was him. 

Without a word, he turned and, pulling me along, we pushed past the dancers and neon lights to escape through an exit door. 


Suddenly outside, the fresh air on our faces, I felt exhilarated and wild. 

Which is why, when he bent down to cup my cheek in his hand, I didn’t stop him.

Or why I let him kiss me, long, hard and full of need. 

I let myself be sucked in. 

Drawn to the unavailable. 

It was wrong; I knew.

But with a carnal urge I kissed him back. 

He grabbed my hand again, and just like that, we were off, making our way into the maze of darkened buildings. 

The further we got, the less I could hear the music. The less likely it was we would see anyone else. And the less chance we had of getting caught. 

As we turned the last corner, he pulled me against him as his mouth devoured mine once again. 

With wandering hands, he slipped them down my body. 

Inch by inch they crawled to the hem of my dress, before slowly guiding it up leg until he reached my lace underwear. 

As my lips responded to his, his fingers moved over my clit, and then pushed their way inside. 

With a gasp, I grabbed the shoulder of his white shirt, as I let him consume me. 

Taking all of me with me. 

Utterly possessed.

Suddenly, my phone rang in my purse beside me. 

It was my best friend, wondering where we were, with just minutes to midnight. 

As we hurried back to the party, he paused to kiss me, with promises of “later”. 

I told myself no. 

I wouldn’t go that far. 

But as he carried me to my bed later that night, I couldn’t stop myself.   

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